Are there any bundling options?

Yes! If you have purchased a paperback edition of one of the full-color camera guide books, you can purchase an ebook edition of that book for $2.99. If you want the Kindle version, you can purchase it through the Amazon MatchBook program, for those books that are entered in that program. (All but a couple of books are included.)

You also have the option of using the BitLit app, which is free for Android or iOS smartphones. After you download the app, scan your copy of the book. Once the app recognizes the book, it will prompt you to write your name on the copyright page and scan that page. Once the process has finished, you can purchase the PDF, ePub, or Kindle version for $2.99. (Again, these choices are available for almost all of the camera guide books; there are a couple of the earliest books for which only a Kindle or PDF edition is available.) For more information, see the BitLit website.

There also are a couple of other bundling options. If you purchase the black-and-white edition of the Fufjifilm X10 book, you can receive a free PDF file on request. If you purchase the text-only edition of the Sony RX100 II book, you also can receive a free PDF. Details are on the information pages for those books.

Do you have guide books for DSLR cameras?

No, I only write guide books for advanced compact cameras, meaning cameras that are relatively small and that have a single, fixed lens.  If you are looking for excellent guides for DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon, I recommend a series of e-books by Douglas Klostermann.  Doug writes fully illustrated, clearly written guides to cameras such as the Canon 7D, 5D Mark III, 70D, and others, and the Nikon D7100, D610, and D5300, among others.  You can get information about his downloadable books at his site,

Which of the downloadable versions should I use on my device?

Actually, there are several options for how you use the downloadable versions. For example, on an iPhone or iPad, you can use any or all of the versions. You can open the PDF file in iBooks or in some other app that reads PDFs, such as GoodReader. You can use the .mobi version with the Kindle for iPad or Kindle for iPhone app. But, if you want the version that is clearly intended for the iBooks app, then you should use the ePub version. If you are using a Barnes & Noble Nook, then the ePub version is the one to get. The ePub version also is used by the Kobo and Sony readers.

How do I receive the files when I purchase the downloadable versions of a book?

If you place an order through this site for the downloadable versions of a camera guide book, the order will be handled through a company called FastSpring. That company is set up to accept credit cards, money orders, PayPal, and checks as payment. Once you enter your ordering information, FastSpring will process the order and automatically send you an e-mail message confirming the order within a few minutes.  At about that time, or somewhat later, they will send you another message that contains links to the downloadable versions that you purchased. (Most books are available as PDF, .mobi, and ePub files, but a few of the earlier books come in only one or two versions.)

You can then click on the links to download any or all of the files.

If you have problems, such as not receiving the message with the links, or having difficulty getting access to the files by clicking the links, please see the PDF and Ebook Download Support page on this site.

What downloadable versions of the camera guide books are available?

Most of the books, including all of those published within the past year, are sold through this site in a bundle that includes three electronic versions: PDF, .mobi, and ePub. The PDF version can be read on any computer that uses Adobe Reader or other software that reads PDF files. The .mobi version is for use on Kindle devices. The ePub version can be used with Apple devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. It also can be read on the Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony readers, and other devices that can read ePub files. If you purchase the downloadable version through this site, you will receive an e-mail message with links to all three files.

Where can I purchase paperback camera guide books by White Knight Press?

Currently, books published by White Knight Press are available only through online sources.  The paperback editions are available through and other Amazon sites in other countries.  They also are available through Barnes & Noble at and other sellers, including, and others. They are not sold in book stores at this time.