Are there any bundling options?

Yes! If you have purchased a paperback edition of one of the full-color camera guide books, you can purchase an ebook edition of that book for $2.99. If you want the Kindle version, you can purchase it through the Amazon MatchBook program, for those books that are entered in that program. (All but a couple of books are included.)

You also have the option of using the BitLit app, which is free for Android or iOS smartphones. After you download the app, scan your copy of the book. Once the app recognizes the book, it will prompt you to write your name on the copyright page and scan that page. Once the process has finished, you can purchase the PDF, ePub, or Kindle version for $2.99. (Again, these choices are available for almost all of the camera guide books; there are a couple of the earliest books for which only a Kindle or PDF edition is available.) For more information, see the BitLit website.

There also are a couple of other bundling options. If you purchase the black-and-white edition of the Fufjifilm X10 book, you can receive a free PDF file on request. If you purchase the text-only edition of the Sony RX100 II book, you also can receive a free PDF. Details are on the information pages for those books.

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