How do I receive the files when I purchase the downloadable versions of a book?

If you place an order through this site for the downloadable versions of a camera guide book, the order will be handled through a company called FastSpring. That company is set up to accept credit cards, money orders, PayPal, and checks as payment. Once you enter your ordering information, FastSpring will process the order and automatically send you an e-mail message confirming the order within a few minutes.  At about that time, or somewhat later, they will send you another message that contains links to the downloadable versions that you purchased. (Most books are available as PDF, .mobi, and ePub files, but a few of the earlier books come in only one or two versions.)

You can then click on the links to download any or all of the files.

If you have problems, such as not receiving the message with the links, or having difficulty getting access to the files by clicking the links, please see the PDF and Ebook Download Support page on this site.

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