Who are these camera guide books intended for?

Each “Photographer’s Guide” book published by White Knight Press is intended to be a user-friendly guide to a specific model of digital camera. These books are intended for anyone who finds that the manual that comes with the camera, whether printed or in PDF format, does not provide enough useful or easily readable guidance about how to use the camera. Each book covers all controls, menus, features, and operations of the camera and includes step-by-step instructions on how to use each of those controls or features. In many cases, the books explain why a particular feature exists and why you might want to use it. The books contain numerous illustrations in the form of screen shots of the menus, shooting screens, and playback screens of the cameras, as well as images actually taken by the author using the camera.

The books are probably most useful to people who are new to digital photography or who have an intermediate level of experience with it. The books do not assume a particular level of expertise on the part of the reader, and they include some discussion of basic concepts such as depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. The books also should be of interest to more experienced photographers who would like to have a manual that covers the features of the camera in an easily readable form. One of the most-appreciated features of these books is their complete indexes, which range from about 15 to 20 pages in length and provide an easy way to use the books as reference for how to make settings and use menu options and controls for each camera.

Because these books are complete guides to the cameras they cover, they necessarily discuss the same topics that are included in the manuals that come with the cameras. However, each book contains a considerable amount of information that is not included in the manufacturers’ manuals, such as sample photos, discussions of when and why to use features, how to choose one feature over another similar one, and, in many cases, tips for more efficient use of the model of camera being discussed. Also, the books include discussions of various topics that go beyond the official manuals, such as infrared photography, macro photography, street photography, and others.

If you go to the main information page at this web site for each title, you can download the table of contents, the index, or several sample pages in order to get an idea of whether one of these books may be what you are looking for as a reference guide to the use of your camera.

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