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Cover of Photographer's Guide to the Sony RX100 IV

Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 IV


Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 IV is an updated version of Alexander White’s earlier books about the DSC-RX100, RX100 II, and RX100 III. The new book is 248 pages long and has more than 450 full-color illustrations or photographs.  This book, unlike White’s earlier three guides for the Sony RX100 series, is printed at a size of 8.5 by 11 inches (216 by 280mm), a larger size with a two-column format, which includes more images and information per page than the earlier books. (The original printing of this book was at a size of 8.5 by 8.5 inches, with more pages; both versions contain the exact same text and images.)

This guide to the RX100 IV covers all features of the fourth model in this series of high-quality compact cameras.  The book is available in a bundle of three downloadable versions through this site for $9.95. Use the Buy eBook button to purchase the bundle. If you purchase the book through this site, you will receive an e-mail message with links to the PDF, Kindle, and iPad versions of the book.

To get an idea about the contents of the book, you can download the Table of Contents, the Index, or an Excerpt from the book. You can also see some sample photos from the book.


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32 thoughts on “Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 IV

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  2. Jos

    Just ordered it and I am very pleased with the book, which allows me to get a grip on the intricacies of this complex camera. Will give more feedback once I have covered it all!

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    1. Alex White

      Hello — Yes, the book is available now. If you look at the third-party sellers at, you will see that several of them state that they can deliver the book within a few days after the order is placed. It’s also likely that Amazon itself is exaggerating the time for delivery, but you probably will do better if you order it from one of the third-party sellers; just click on the link for “6 New from 17.62” and find a seller with a quick delivery time.

  5. kenneth d zeitler

    i have your book which is excellent but cannot figure out the icon with the hand and camera/film strip in the upper left which has a blinking exclamation

    1. Alex White

      The icons with the blinking exclamation point are giving a warning about camera shake, indicating that you are using a slow shutter speed, and may need to use a tripod or take some other measures to avoid a blurry image. Without the exclamation point, the icons mean that the SteadyShot system is turned either on or off. Here is a brief excerpt from Sony’s manual:
      Screenshot of excerpt from Sony manual on SteadyShot icons

      1. Judy

        I do have your book but I cannot find any information on bon using the Sony RX 10 IV for Astrophotography. I know this is not the camera of choice for shots of the Milky Way, but I was wondering if you could tell me what settings may work best.

        1. Alex White

          I did include a brief discussion of photographing the moon in Chapter 10, at page 242. I haven’t been very involved with astrophotography with the RX10 IV, so I don’t have a particular set of settings to suggest. I looked around at some other sites, and found this article, which seems to have some good tips on general settings, which should give you a starting point with the RX10 IV: There probably are many other sites and other resources with similar tips. Based on my own experience, all I can recommend is to get a very solid tripod, use manual focus, get a wired remote control like the Sony RM-SPR1, and start with long exposures for star trails, etc.

    2. pardeep dahiya

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  6. John Spry

    Great book!

    I am interested in using my RX100 IV for astrophotography in conjunction with a Meade LS6 telescope, and would like to purchase the 52mm Digi-Kit (part number DKSR52T) you recommend in the ‘Astrophotography and Digiscoping’ section of the book.

    However, searching for this part number on the website returns 3 alternatives – which one did you use?

    1. Alex White

      When I bought mine, several years ago, there was only one option, as I recall. The three that are there now look all the same to me, but I would think the one that lists Sony Cyber-shot in its group of compatible cameras might be the best choice. To be safe, though, I would suggest sending an email to the site, telling them which telescope and camera you want to use, so they can verify which kit is the best one to use.

  7. John Spry

    I contacted Telescope Adapters who advised me to order this (one of the two kits with identical #DRSR52T part number):

    The also said that all of the #DRSR52T kits include the same parts, they may just contain different instructions for particular camera models.

    Note that the Sony Cyber-shot models covered by the third kit (slightly different part no. #DRSR52TS) look quite different to the RX100 IV !

  8. Pier Paolo Mariani

    Today, I bought an ebook of the Sony RX100 iv but I had problems with its download.
    How can I do it again and save the copy on my pc?
    Pier Paolo Mariani

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