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  2. Armando Gonzalez

    Hi Alex,
    I bought your book on the Sony RX100M3 and loved it. My camera was stolen about a month ago so I upgraded to the new M7 with my insurance money (and a bit of my own!). I see you have a book on the M6. Are you planning to cover the M7 in a future book? If not, any recommendations?


  3. Andrew England

    Hi Alex

    I purchased the kindle version of your Guide to the Sony RX10iv a few weeks ago and would like to download the pdf version. Can you possibly provide me with a link?

    The email address used for the purchase was andrew.j.england@gmail.com

    Andrew England

  4. William Djang

    Dear Mr. White,

    I bought a paperback copy of your Sony Rx10 guide back in 2015 (via Amazon). Just getting back into photography ( since I’m now retired), it would be nice to have a digital copy to keep with me on my I-pad. Would it be possible to get a download? This is for the original Rx10 (I see they are now on v4!).

    William Djang
    Asheville NC

  5. Carl Meisel

    Center Lock-On AF
    Your book states that it will not function in focus area lock-on settings. My experience is that it does not work in AF Flexible Spot or AF Expand but only works in Wide or Center.

    Also it does not mention how to handle the flow if you use back focus.

    It took me a very long time to get it all worked out. I think a revision of that section would be helpful.

  6. Gerard Brouwer

    Dear mr. White,
    In the book on page 18 the figure shows the down button with +- minus sign with the camera +++.
    This button on my camera Sony DSC RX 100 M 7 is only showing +- sign.
    When I press this +- sign button shows the Exposure Comp.
    Can you explain the difference?
    I read the book via Google books but would be nice if a PDF would be available.

    Best regards

  7. Christine

    I was looking for a guide for my new Sony RX10 i, and found it listed on Google.
    I clicked the link and found that there was a link to purchase a copy for my Amazon Kindle, so eager as I was, I bought it.
    Only now I find that the link that was supposed to go to the RX10 iv actually went to the RX100 iv and I have bought the wrong guide.
    I went back and checked what went wrong, and I found that your link goes to the wrong page.
    Is it possible to “return” the guide I have bought for a completely different camera (RX100 iv), and replace it with the correct guide for the RX10 iv?


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