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  2. Armando Gonzalez

    Hi Alex,
    I bought your book on the Sony RX100M3 and loved it. My camera was stolen about a month ago so I upgraded to the new M7 with my insurance money (and a bit of my own!). I see you have a book on the M6. Are you planning to cover the M7 in a future book? If not, any recommendations?


  3. Andrew England

    Hi Alex

    I purchased the kindle version of your Guide to the Sony RX10iv a few weeks ago and would like to download the pdf version. Can you possibly provide me with a link?

    The email address used for the purchase was andrew.j.england@gmail.com

    Andrew England

  4. William Djang

    Dear Mr. White,

    I bought a paperback copy of your Sony Rx10 guide back in 2015 (via Amazon). Just getting back into photography ( since I’m now retired), it would be nice to have a digital copy to keep with me on my I-pad. Would it be possible to get a download? This is for the original Rx10 (I see they are now on v4!).

    William Djang
    Asheville NC


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