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Front cover of Sony RX100 VII book

Photographer’s Guide to the Sony RX100 VII


Photographer’s Guide to the Sony RX100 VII is a complete guide to the menus, controls, and features of Sony’s compact camera, the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII.  This book, printed at a size of 8.5 by 11 inches (216 by 280mm)  with a two-column format, has 267 pages and more than 500 color photographs and illustrations, including photographs taken with the RX100 VII camera and illustrations of the camera’s menus and screens.

This guide to the RX100 VII is available in a bundle of three downloadable versions through this site for $9.95. Please use the Buy eBook button to purchase the bundle. If you purchase the book through this site, you will receive an e-mail message with links to the PDF, Kindle, and iPad versions of the book. The book will also available from other sellers in ebook form. The paperback version will be available with a list price of $31.95 from and other Amazon sites, as well as from and some other online booksellers.

To get an idea about the contents of the book, you can download the table of contents, the   index, or an excerpt from the book. You can also see some  sample photos from the book.


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Photographer’s Guide to the Sony RX100 VII is a complete guide to the menus, controls, and features of Sony’s compact camera, the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII.  This book, printed at a size of 8.5 by 11 inches (216 by 280mm)  with a two-column format, has 267 pages and more than 500 color photographs and illustrations, including photographs taken with the RX100 VII camera and illustrations of the camera’s menus and screens.

29 thoughts on “Photographer’s Guide to the Sony RX100 VII

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  2. William Krone

    I purchased the electronic version of your book on the SONY RX100 VII. I am very pleased with the book so far. I am half way through the book and It is an easy read and I’ve learned a lot. Thanks!

  3. Marcy Cohen

    Hi- I just bought your book and looking forward to reading. I went fast forward to the remote control section in the hopes if solving a problem I have encountered. I bought a wired Vello2- I set it for an unlimited number of exposures 15 minutes apart/ it shoots a few shots and then stops. I think because the camera turns off. I have set Function for VF to Not Power Off- any thoughts on my problem?

    1. Alex White

      Hello — My first thought is that the Function for VF Close option controls what the camera does when the viewfinder is pushed down into the camera’s body, so I doubt that that option is involved with this problem. I would suggest instead checking the setting for the Power Save Start Time menu option, which controls how long the camera waits before powering off when no controls are operated. I would think the camera would not power off while the remote control is working, but maybe that setting has some effect in this situation. You also might want to check the Auto Power Off Temperature setting. And, you might want to consider powering the camera with a plug-in power source during the remote control operation, using a dummy battery inserted into the battery compartment. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

  4. John Yates

    Hello, I purchased your guide to The Sony RX100 III and have found it very useful. However, it is a big book and difficult to take out on field trips. I have recently upgraded to a Sony RX100 VII and do not really want another large book – do you plan to issue a smaller printed book? Also’. will I get added value if I buy the Version 7 book when I also have the version 3.? On the plus side, if there was a smaller printed edition I would have no problem buying it. I do not have a kindle.


    1. Alex White

      Hello, John — I’m glad to hear you found the RX100 III book useful. I don’t have a plan to publish a smaller print version of the RX100 VII book. If I did, it would be very thick and considerably more expensive to print (and purchase). However, that book is available in three downloadable formats: PDF, Kindle, and ePub. All three of them can be read on smartphones or tablets. For example, you can download the Kindle app and read the Kindle version that way. The ePub version works well with Apple devices, and the PDF version is useful also. As to whether the newer book is worth purchasing, here is a link to view the table of contents for that book: I would say there is a considerable amount of new content, with a fair amount of repetition from the older books as well, but I hope you can judge that from looking at the table of contents.

      Alex White

  5. Kanchan kumar basu

    can it help all leading cameras operation like Nikkon and Cannon DSLR and mirror less cameras

  6. Hans Vogler

    Eres no muy claro, pero creo que quieres decir que deseas comprar el libro electrónico sobre la Sony cámara DSC RX 100 VII y leerlo en su teléfono. Vivo el los Países Bajos y compré ese libro ayer. Me costó €11,95 IVA incluido. Podría pagarlo a través mi cuenta bancaria y en 5 minutos podría descargar el libro en mi Android tableta y mi Windows computadora. No tuve experiencia de descargarlo en un teléfono.

  7. Udo Rudolph

    Thank you for the conscientiousness and competence you invested. The result is a comprehensive and extremely helpful book of outstanding clarity.
    Warm regards: UR.

  8. René

    Very extensive manual for the M7! Had to chew it in a week. Waited years to buy the M7 (moneywise and I expected the M8 but it went to the ZV-1). As I am an old man, this will be my last camera. I gave the M1 and the M3 to two of the sons and they take beautiful pictures with these 1 inch cameras. It could use something for ND filters built in. I don’t like the glueing of a ring on the camera. I became an aperture shooter thanks to youtube film of Mark Galer on this camera. He works miracles with this pocket camera. The camera will be used to some week trips to France and maybe Spain. France is my favorite subject and there are a million little villages where you could spend a whole day taking pictures. As a matter of fact, last month I slept in the bed where Bourvil and Louis de Funès slept while filming la Grande Vadrouille in Vézelay and surroundings, stil, after all those years, the most liked movie in France. Thanks for the hard work!

  9. Michael Fitchett

    Very pleased with this book, I struggled with the Sony manual. Well done Alex for explaining everything so clearly, it is a good read. I have however found setting up remote control via wifi or bluetooth complicated, and am still not sure if I can control the camera with the Imaging Edge app via bluetooth, or if I should avoid having bluetooth and wifi running at the same time. But I found it handy to be able to tag my photos with location once I’d got that working. However….
    I was on a trip to New York a few days ago (we’re based in the UK) and I did not notice that the tagging had failed. I had carefully matched camera to iPhone time (EDT) but had not realised that there’s a time zone and a Daylight Saving option in the camera as as well as on my phone. However all worked well at first, but I didn’t realise that after a day or so location tagging had failed. It wasn’t until returning home and uploading my pictures to Lightroom that I found only the first ones were location tagged. Then I saw a small circle with a diagonal line on the camera screen next to the map icon, and discovered that the camera time had unknown to me gone back by 1 hour. Possibly to do with daylight saving time? But why it worked at first then went wrong I don’t know, but it did so when visiting somewhere where everything is x-rayed for security and they have their own wifi which I may have hooked up to on my phone but can’t remember.
    As you may not have come across this kind of fault before I thought it worth mentioning. As the map icon was still showing I thought it was still OK. It did take me a long time to get the phone and camera reconnected again when home.
    What would have been very useful is if there was a quick way of seeing the time, even as an option on the already very full information screen. Sony don’t seem to provide that option but for travel photography that would be very handy.
    Fortunately I had the 3rd party app Geotagging running on my iPhone so was able to apply the locations after all, but could not find an easy way to overwrite the incorrect time in the file info on hundreds of photos.
    Thanks again for a great book!


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