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Front cover of Fujifilm X10 book

Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm X10


Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm X10: Getting the Most from Fujifilm’s Advanced Digital Camera is a complete guide to the operation, features, and controls of the Fujifilm X10 camera. The color paperback version includes more than 200 color images illustrating the menus and settings of the camera. The book also is available in electronic versions (PDF, Kindle, and iPad formats) that contain all of the images and text of the paperback version. In addition, the book is available in a black-and-white paperback version at a reduced cost.


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This book explains all operations, features, menus, and controls of the Fujifilm X10 camera in clear language.

The guide’s more than 200 photographs, almost all in full color, illustrate the camera’s controls and menus, and also include examples of the various types of photographs that can be taken using the many creative settings of the camera, including the Film Simulation settings, which let the photographer alter the color processing and other aspects of images; various menu options such as Dynamic Range and Intelligent Digital Zoom; and the camera’s strong set of features for continuous shooting.

In addition, the book goes beyond the realm of everyday photography, providing introductions to more advanced topics such as infrared photography, astrophotography, digiscoping, street photography, and creating 3D (three-dimensional) images that can be viewed with conventional red and blue 3D glasses.

The book also includes a full discussion of the video recording abilities of the Fujifilm X10, which can record high-definition (HD) video with stereo sound and can take silent slow-motion movies that slow down action to enable studies of sports and other action sequences.

In three appendices, the book provides information about accessories available for the camera, including cases, filter adapters, and external flash units; sets forth a list of useful web sites and other resources for further information; and includes a section with helpful “quick tips” that give particular insights into how to take advantage of the camera’s features in the most efficient ways possible.

The book includes a detailed Table of Contents and a full Index, so the reader can quickly find needed information about any particular feature or aspect of the camera. In the PDF version, the Table of Contents and Index are interactive, so the reader can click on a page reference to navigate to the desired topic instantly.

For more details about the book and its contents, you can check out the complete Table of Contents, look through the topics in the 18-page Index, or read an excerpt from the book. You can see some sample photos from the Fujifilm X10 camera at the Sample Photos page on this site.

Because printing costs make the price for the full-color edition of the book quite high, I am also making available a black-and-white edition of the book for $14.95. That version has all of the content of the original edition, including all text and photographs, but the photographs are printed in black and white. The photos do not show up as well in black and white as in color, and, of course, the discussions of color functions do not correspond well to the monochrome photos. To make up for the shortcomings of the black-and-white edition of the X10 book, I will provide a free copy of an electronic edition of the book to anyone who purchases the black-and-white printed book and then sends a message to requesting the electronic edition (PDF, ePub, or Kindle .mobi). Just include some proof of purchase, such as an order number from an Amazon confirming e-mail, or forward the order confirmation e-mail message to me. I am hoping this system will work well for those readers who want to have a printed copy of the book to carry along with their camera, but also would like to see the full-color photographs for reference, on the computer, iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.

The PDF version is available for $9.95.  Once downloaded, the PDF file can be installed for personal use on any computer, tablet, phone, or other digital device owned by the purchaser.

To purchase the PDF version, please use the Buy eBook button above, which will take you to the secure purchasing page of FastSpring, the company that manages downloads and payment processing for the purchase of PDF books from White Knight Press.  If you purchase the PDF version here, you will also receive, at no extra charge, links for downloading the .mobi file, which is formatted for Kindle readers, and the ePub file, which is formatted for devices such as the iPad, Nook, and Sony e-readers.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 338 pages
  • Publisher: White Knight Press (April 8, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1937986039
  • ISBN-13: 978-1937986032
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 5.4 x 8.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

57 thoughts on “Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm X10

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  2. Edu

    I just finished reading your excerpt. Thanks and great job. I hope you release the ePub version soon (I prefer ePub files to take notes and highlight text on the iPad).
    I’ll check often your site to know about the release date.
    Once again thanks a lot.

    PS: My X10 ys just 3 days old and I am a beginner in photography

    1. Alex White

      Thanks for your comment! I will try to get the ePub version done as soon as possible; I hope it can be done within about 4 weeks. Good luck with your X10! It is a great camera.


  3. Mike Paterson

    Thanks Alex,
    I am looking forward to the Book’s release but in the meantime the Pdf version will suffice.
    It would make a sound business opportunity by incentive if you had some form of discount for those who first purchase this Pdf version.
    When they then purchase the Book version a discount is in place.


    1. Alex White

      Hello, Mike — Yes, that is a good idea, though it could be difficult to implement, because the printed version will be available only through and other online retailers, and I can’t offer a discount when Amazon sells a book directly to a customer with no involvement on my part. But I will give some thought to how I could do something along these lines.


      1. Mike Paterson

        Most welcoming Alex.
        I have not purchased the Pdf version as of yet, although fully intend to do so but one ‘possible’ method would be to account all those who purchase the pdf version.
        If and when at a later date said person then purchases the Book, if they were to produce a sales receipt or some form of proof of purchase would it then be possible to offer a ‘part-return payment of the pdf purchase?

        This is only an idea. Obviously I have no knowledge of how your good self handles sales of the pdf version.

        Whatever method you may consider or try it is good enough to hear you are quite open and willing to consider said venture.


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  5. Rob

    Hi Alex,

    Does your book about the X10 include coverage functionality included in the firmware updates released by Fujfilm for the X10?

    And: thanks for writing this book; very excited about it !

    Thanks !

    1. Alex White

      Hi, Rob — Yes, it does discuss the update to firmware version 1.03, though it does not discuss every detail of that upgrade. The main point discussed about the upgrade is the change to the functioning of the RAW button.


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  9. John Wells-Deamer

    I am going through agonies here. After a long search for a small portable camera that has seriously considered and designed features to satisfy serious photography, I found the X10, read the excellent review in Black and White Photographer, and read the really enthusiastic comments on the camera by Tim Clinch, a long time experienced professional photographer Now, my dear generous wife has purchased the Fuji X10 for me, as a present for my forhticoming birthday in May. But, I am not allowed the camera until 13th. of that month! and further, I’ve stumbled across your forthcoming excellent book on the X10, but it is not out yet! Is there any possibility that it will be outbefore that date? If not by then, can you give me some idea of whents being might be available?

    Yours sincerely,

    John Wells-deamer

    1. Alex White

      Hi — Actually, the book is available now through this site in PDF format, and, as of today, it is listed as available for sale through in the US. It’s not “in stock” yet at Amazon, but it’s a print-on-demand book, and the printer will start printing and shipping paperback copies as soon as orders start coming in to Amazon. So, you can order it now and it should ship to you within about a week or possibly a bit longer. Here is a link to the book’s product page at


      1. Mike Paterson

        Just checked the UK Amazon site Alex, nothing mentioned as of yet.
        The X100 is there but not the X10.
        I’ll keep checking and let you know if it pops up.


        1. Alex White

          Hi, Jerry — Yes, those will be priced at $9.99 each. They will be sold through the iBookstore, Nook store, and Kindle store, not from my site. I’m still hoping the Kindle and Nook versions will be available by about April 26, or maybe a few days after that. The Apple version won’t be available as soon, because it goes through a longer acceptance process, at least that’s what has happened in the past. I’ll post more information as it becomes available.


  10. Jerry

    Hi, do you have pricing information on the upcoming EPub and Mobi versions yet? Looking forward to them.


  11. Chris Rusbridge

    After reading about this book, I decided it would really help me get more from my wonderful X10, and that it would be better to get it in paper so that I can study it more. However, I’ve found that it is not listed on (although they do have your X100 book), and if I want to buy it from I have to pay a delivery premium of almost as much as the PDF cost even for the slowest delivery means (up to 35 days).

    Is there any chance of pressing your provider to list it on more international Amazon sites (especially the UK)? I don’t want to buy the PDF first and then have to pay again to buy the print…

    1. Alex White

      Hello — I certainly understand your concern. As for the speed of the listings on and other non-US sites, I can’t do anything to speed it up; the book will show up there in the fairly near future, and I probably will list some copies there as a third-party seller, which can help with keeping them in stock. What I can do, though, is refund the cost of the PDF if you purchase it now and then later purchase the paperback once it starts showing up at the various Amazon sites. Just forward to the confirmation e-mail message from Amazon and ask for the refund of the PDF purchase price, and I will issue a refund. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase the hard copy from Amazon first, and then I will send you a code to let you purchase the PDF at no cost. I hope this will help.

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    1. Alex White

      I can try to help, but this question does not provide enough information for me to know what the problem is. If you want to state the problem in another language, I can get it translated through Google.

  24. tanuja

    Dear Sir,

    I got it photos. Some photos are not opend because pandora software are some photos are not open. full fill not downloading sir, any other software is there?

    1. Alex White

      Yes, there are many photo-recovery programs, but I have never had to use any of them. I did a Google search and found a few that were recommended:,, Again, I have no personal experience with these programs, but they may be worth a try. I wish you good luck in recovering your images.

  25. Randy

    Hi Alex – I’ve just finished reading the book and thank you for being so thorough (even stereo and infrared!) The one thing I’m not 100% clear on–and I wish someone would do a simple table–is which of the X10’s settings affect raw files. For example, even with the X10 set raw-only, multiple DR options are available. Best, Randy

    1. Alex White

      Hi, Randy — That’s a good question that is hard to answer simply, because of the complications from the way the EXR sensor in the X10 works. I am not an expert in this area, so I won’t try to offer a technical explanation. Certainly, there are some settings, such as white balance and exposure, that can be adjusted after the fact in RAW processing software. A setting such as ISO cannot be adjusted after the fact. Other settings, such as Dynamic Range, have effects that are not as easy to describe simply. The discussions on the online forums, such as, go into great detail in discussing the ways that the X10’s RAW files interact with the EXR sensor and with various RAW=processing software, such as Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, and SilkyPix. Here are links to some of those discussions: Again, I wish I had a simple answer or chart to offer, but I don’t believe it is possible to produce one, given the way the X10 works.


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  27. Patrick S

    I have just bought the paperback version. I’m sure I read somewhere that a coloured version of the illustrations is available for downloading. Can you give me a reference, please? Many thanks.

    1. Alex White

      Hello — Yes, if you purchase the black-and-white paperback edition of the X10 book, I will be happy to send you a link for downloading the full-color PDF version. I will go ahead and send that to your e-mail address. Thanks.

  28. Anthony Mangione

    Hello Alex,

    I received my color copy of the Fujifilm X10 guide book. Great book! I ordered it via Amazon (Order #: 002-7867987-4258617).

    If possible, would I be able to download a PDF version?

    Thank you,

  29. Joerg Schneider

    In your interesting X10-book you describe the use of the Eye-fi X2 pro card.
    I use this card too since the very beginning and after a lot of damaged pictures and card errors Eye-fi first changed my card into a new one and then started to spread new (inofficial) firmware versions with adapted wifi settings and behavior.
    But even if the X2 pro works fine in most cases, it seems to have problems with undervoltage under some circumstances while writing to the card.
    So if you really want to do a serious photo job, you should avoid the Eye-Fi-card in a X10.

    I got sometimes incomplete pictures which could’nt read by the X10 afterwards and lead to the problem that you can’t view other (older) pictures that are not involved.
    There you have to shot a new picture and wether to scroll backwards while using the out zoomed view or to scroll forward form the beginning.

    So be careful to use the X2 pro as daily card, even if it is very handy 😉

    1. Alex White

      Hi — That is a very interesting comment, and I hope it will be of use to other readers. I don’t use the Eye-Fi card all that often, so I have not encountered these issues, but it sounds like something to watch out for.

  30. John B. Ceccherelli

    I have received both your printed and e-book versions of your Guide to the X10. My thanks.
    The X10 is my choice to obtain the closest digital camera to those I’ve loved since I got my first at age 13. I’ve used and collected many since then to my current age 83.
    Looking for a small totable unit with a fast lens (mine had mostly f2.0 fixed normal lens, direct view/rangefinders, etc.). I bought and discarded the Nikon 7100 (bad viewfinder), and the Lumix G-3 (too bulky, lens too slow, tho viewfinder good), before settling on the X10 . . . which had the worst Manual I ever saw.
    Your Guide was 10 times what the Fuji Manual should have been. I have read it cover-to-cover twice, and dip into it any number of times a day. It’s opened new worlds of possibilities to my photography. And I have followed many of your suggestions and sources for accessories.
    Thanks again for providing it . . . altho I’ve had to become a student again!
    PS: I may have suggestions for your next edition, which I will forward as they occur.

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