Black and White Edition of Fujifilm X10 Book is Now Available for $14.95

As of today, White Knight Press is making Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm X10 available in a black-and-white edition for $14.95.  This is an experiment to see if readers will be interested in purchasing the book at a reduced price without the color photographs of the original edition.

The first edition of the Fujifilm X10 book, originally published in April 2012, is longer than any of the other books in my series of camera guides, and has larger color photos. For those reasons, the printing costs of the color edition are high, and the book has a retail price of $29.95.  Because of that high price, I have produced an alternative version that has all of the same text and content of the color edition, except that all of the photographs are in black and white.  The use of monochrome photos reduces the printing costs considerably, so the book can be sold for $14.95, about one-half of the price of the color edition.

Of course, the black-and-white photos are not as attractive or as useful as the color ones, so the reader loses the benefit of the color photography in the original book.  To compensate for that situation, I will provide a free copy of an electronic edition of the book to anyone who purchases the black-and-white edition of the book.  Just send a message to, including some proof of purchase, such as a portion of a confirmation e-mail from or another seller.  Or, you can just forward to that e-mail address the whole order-confirmation message.  I will send you the electronic version with the color photographs, in the PDF, ePub, or Kindle (.mobi) format, whichever you prefer.

If this experiment proves to be successful, I will probably follow this process for future books.  I will provide information in future posts about how well it works out.

To purchase the black-and-white edition or to see its product page at, please click on the button below:


2 thoughts on “Black and White Edition of Fujifilm X10 Book is Now Available for $14.95

  1. Kenneth Williams

    I would like to purchase the PDF version of the full colour Guide to the Fuji x10. How do I go about this?



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