Fujifilm X10 Book is Now Available at Amazon.co.uk

It always seems to take a long time for my new books to start showing up for sale at Amazon.co.uk, but Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm X10 finally appeared there for the first time today.  The book is listed as “temporarily unavailable,” but you can order it direct from Amazon and they will ship it when they can.  Also, I have listed some copies as a third-party seller.  If you go to the page at Amazon for the book and click on the “New” listings, I have it listed for sale by White Knight Press.  I have the copies physically in stock here in Virginia, and I always do my best to ship the book the next business day after I receive an order.  I use First Class Mail International, which generally seems to get the book to addresses in England within about a week.  Of course, if you are located there and order from Amazon.co.uk, you will pay only the local shipping rate, which is a good deal less than the actual cost of postage from the U.S., so it’s a bargain in that sense.

I’m hoping that Amazon.co.uk will fairly soon get some of the books in stock for direct and immediate shipping, but that could take a week or more.  In the meantime, I will try to keep enough of the Fujifilm X10 books on hand to fill any orders that come in.  Also, there is at least one other third-party seller that is offering the book for direct shipment within the U.K., so there is one other option for anyone who would like to order the paperbook book in the U.K. or Europe.

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