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Canon PowerShot S100 Infrared and White Balance

Today I decided to experiment a little bit more with infrared shooting using the Canon PowerShot S100.  I set up a group of the objects I use for general photography, making sure I had one green and one red item.  I took all of the photos in Aperture Priority mode.  The first one below is the scene as it looks “normally,” using the Custom white balance setting.  I used a photographic gray card to set the custom white balance.

The next image below is just about the same, except that I used the camera’s preset Tungsten white balance setting.  I was somewhat surprised to find that the image looks different.  The lighting was by standard incandescent lights, indoors at night, so I would have thought the preset Tungsten setting would have matched the Custom white balance setting, but it seems somewhat off.  (Mainly, the light blue background shows up as gray.)

The next shot, below, is the infrared image, taken with an Opteka R72 (dark red) infrared filter attached to the lens using a Lensmate filter adapter.  For this shot, I set the white balance using the Custom white balance setting, and using the green of the model truck as the color to set the white balance with.  As you can see, the result gives some of the infrared appearance, and also, unfortunately, includes a “hot spot” in the center, which is characteristic of this type of infrared shot in many cases.

Finally, below, I included one last image, just to show what the scene looks like when it’s taken without the infrared filter, but still using the custom white balance set with the green of the truck.  As you can see, this is a fairly wild look, just to illustrate how dramatic a change an odd white balance can cause in an image.


Sample Photographs by Fujifilm FinePix X100

Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm FinePix X100 has just been published.  Details about the book are available on its main information page.  The book contains more than 190 photographs, including quite a few examples of the images the camera can take.  Other photos are of the camera’s controls, screens, and accessories.  These books are limited in page length because of production costs, so I can’t include in the book all of the photographs I would like to.

With this web site, I have the ability to post some of the photographs that did not make it into the book. I am including a few of them here, just to give you some more examples of how the X100’s photos look. I’m not displaying any of these as examples of particular techniques or of particularly fine composition, etc.; they are just examples that seem to me to be representative of shots that show off the camera’s capabilities pretty well.

The first image is an example of downtown street photography.  The second one was shot with an R72 infrared filter, in a way similar to that described in the book. The third shot is similar to one that appears in the book and on the book’s back cover; this version was taken from a different angle and shows more of the surrounding park. Finally, for the last two images, the first one was taken without a filter, and the second one was taken with a polarizing filter attached to the camera’s filter adapter, to illustrate how the polarizer shows off the sky and clouds with more contrast than would be the case without the filter.