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Canon PowerShot S100 Book is Now In Stock at

As of today, Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S100 is listed as In Stock and available for immediate shipping from  Until now, the book was listed as “Temporarily Unavailable,” but, now that the print-on-demand company has processed the files for printing the book and its cover, customers who order the book should receive it within a few days after placing the order.

If you would like more information about the book or would like to order the PDF download version, please visit the book’s information page at this site.  If you would like to order a paperback copy, please search for “Canon S100” in the “Books” category at, or you can use the button below to go to the book’s information page at


Second Try With Canon PowerShot S100 Super Slow Motion Video

Today I worked with the Canon PowerShot S100 camera and made a second attempt at making a sample movie using the camera’s Super Slow Motion setting.  I really enjoy features like this that produce special effects, and I thought it would be interesting for people considering this camera to see what the Super Slow Motion effect looks like.  There are a couple of problems with this mode, in my mind — first, you have to rely on the camera’s Auto White Balance setting, and it does not do a great job with incandescent lighting, at least not the lighting I am using.  Someday I may try to get bulbs that are balanced more closely towards daylight, but the background in the movie included below is really dark blue, not gray as it appears here.

Second, the resolution of Super Slow Motion  video is low, so the image looks quite grainy and fuzzy.  I tried my best to get the focus sharp by using manual focus before shooting, but the video still is not sharp.

But, at least you still get to see how a bag of multi-colored wrapped pieces of candy looks when it’s dropped, and is shown falling at one-eighth of normal speed!  Click on the link below to view the video. (If you would like to check out my general guide book to the operation and features of the S100, please check out the information page about the book.)

Falling Candy 2

Canon PowerShot S100 Book is Now Listed at

Yesterday I approved the proof of the paperback version of Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S100, and today, less than 24 hours later, has the book listed for sale.  That is very quick; Amazon seems to keep improving its efficiency in getting these print-on-demand books listed.  The book is not yet shown as “In Stock” at Amazon, but the information at the book’s listing says that you can order the book now, and Amazon will ship it once it becomes available.  Because the printer has the files for printing the book, I imagine that Amazon will fill any orders within about one to two weeks at this point.  Later, if the book starts to sell fairly well, Amazon should keep some copies physically in stock for faster shipment.  Also, I have ordered some copies from the printer, and, once those arrive within a few days, I will list them for sale at through my Amazon Marketplace seller ID of alexstrawhite, unless Amazon by then has the book available for quick shipment.

If you would like to order the book from Amazon for shipment once it becomes available, you can search for “Canon S100” in the “Books” category, or use the button below:


Canon PowerShot S100 Infrared and White Balance

Today I decided to experiment a little bit more with infrared shooting using the Canon PowerShot S100.  I set up a group of the objects I use for general photography, making sure I had one green and one red item.  I took all of the photos in Aperture Priority mode.  The first one below is the scene as it looks “normally,” using the Custom white balance setting.  I used a photographic gray card to set the custom white balance.

The next image below is just about the same, except that I used the camera’s preset Tungsten white balance setting.  I was somewhat surprised to find that the image looks different.  The lighting was by standard incandescent lights, indoors at night, so I would have thought the preset Tungsten setting would have matched the Custom white balance setting, but it seems somewhat off.  (Mainly, the light blue background shows up as gray.)

The next shot, below, is the infrared image, taken with an Opteka R72 (dark red) infrared filter attached to the lens using a Lensmate filter adapter.  For this shot, I set the white balance using the Custom white balance setting, and using the green of the model truck as the color to set the white balance with.  As you can see, the result gives some of the infrared appearance, and also, unfortunately, includes a “hot spot” in the center, which is characteristic of this type of infrared shot in many cases.

Finally, below, I included one last image, just to show what the scene looks like when it’s taken without the infrared filter, but still using the custom white balance set with the green of the truck.  As you can see, this is a fairly wild look, just to illustrate how dramatic a change an odd white balance can cause in an image.


Canon S100 Book Proof Copy Has Been Approved

A little while ago I received the proof copy of Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S100 from the printer.  The proof, which is just a complete copy of the actual paperback version of the book, looks fine, and I quickly went online to the printer’s  web site and approved the proof.  Now, within a few days, the book should start appearing on for sale, and eventually on the sites of other online sellers as well.  As first, it may appear as “Not In Stock” or “Unavailable,” but in recent months Amazon has done a good job of getting each new book up for sale and listed as available in a fairly short time period.  I will, of course, be posting here to update the status of the book’s availability.

I have ordered some copies from the printer to keep in stock here at White Knight Press, so I can make them available for quick shipment if Amazon does not start making them available in the near future.  I expect I will receive my copies sometime next week.  I have posted above a couple of images of the proof copy, so you can get an idea of what the actual paperback book looks like.

By the way, today I updated the header image for this site from the standard image that came from WordPress to an image from the Canon PowerShot S100 book.  The panorama that you see at the top of each page of this site is a slightly cropped version of an image that appears at page 71 of this book.

Paperback Edition of Canon PowerShot S100 Book is Coming Soon

I just received news that the proof copy of Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S100 shipped today from the printer, and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.  Assuming the proof copy looks okay, I will approve it tomorrow, and the book will then become available for sale on within a few days after that.  Once Amazon starts selling the book, I will post a link on this site to the book’s page at Amazon.  If you’re interested in the paperback version, please check back here in a few days to see if it is available yet.  In the meantime, you can purchase the PDF version of the book through this site.  Also, the book will be available for the Kindle, Nook, and iBooks by early to mid-January.

Fujifilm X100 Book Has Been Released as Apple iBook

Today Photographer’s Guide to the Fujfilm FinePix X100 was released as an iBook, available in the iBookstore from Apple.  For more information about this book, please visit the book’s page on this site.  If you would like to go directly to the book’s link in the iTunes Store, please use this link to book’s information page in iTunes.

First Try at Super Slow Motion Movie with PowerShot S100

Earlier today I finished the final files for the new book about the Canon PowerShot S100, with major assistance from my wife, Clenise, who did a tremendous job editing and proofreading the final version.  Now that the files have gone to the printer, there is more time to play around with the camera.

While writing the book I learned about the Super Slow Motion  feature in theory, but did not get much chance to experiment with it.  With its highest setting, you can slow down action by a factor of eight, which I imagine would be great for analyzing a golf or baseball swing, and for lots of other practical applications. For now, I just wanted to try a quick test to get some footage up on this web site, in case that might be of interest or helpful to people who are considering whether to buy the PowerShot S100.

I couldn’t come up with a very scenic or artistic subject for this first attempt; I just threw a set of jacks up in the air and did a super-slow video of them falling back down and bouncing around.  I will see if I can figure out a better subject for future attempts, though I probably will be working with other features of this camera (and other cameras), so I may not have too many other slo-mo movies here.

Anyway, click on the link below to see this first, fairly primitive attempt:

Jacks Falling Super Slow Motion

Canon PowerShot S100 Book is Now Available for Sale in PDF Version

As of today, Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S100: Getting the Most from Canon’s Pocketable Digital Camera, by Alexander S. White, is available for sale from the White Knight Press web site in a PDF downloadable version for $9.95.  The book is 283 pages long and in full color, with more than 200 illustrations showing the camera’s controls, menu screens, and other features, and with numerous sample photographs taken with the PowerShot S100.

For more information or to purchase the PDF version, please visit the book’s information page at this site.

The paperback version of the book will be published within about two weeks, and will be available from and other online sellers.