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Video on Accessories for the Sony RX10 IV Camera

After publishing Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX10 IV, I wanted to make a short video showing several of the accessories for the camera that are discussed in that book. You can get a better idea of how they look and how they work with the camera in a video, where you can see the items from different angles, and actually working in some cases. This video is a supplement to my earlier video on accessories for the RX10 III. I did not include any of the accessories from the earlier video in the new one, so, if you want to see a wider range of accessories for the RX10 IV, check out both videos. The video on accessories for the RX10 III camera is available at

The link to the video on accessories for the RX10 IV is below.

Using the Sony HVL-LBPC LED Video Light with the RX10 III Camera

I am finishing up my latest book, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX10 III, which should be published by the end of July. In writing that book, I came across a new (to me) menu option on the Custom menu, called Video Light Mode. I found that, using that option, you can control a compatible video light using the controls of the RX10 III camera. The only compatible model listed in Sony’s documentation is the HVL-LBPC, so I purchased that light and checked it out. It works as advertised, and I have made a five-minute video that demonstrates the use of that light with the RX10 III camera. Here is the video:

Using Yongnuo Flash and Transmitters and Receivers with Sony RX10 Camera

Today I received some interesting and useful information from a reader of Photographer’s Guide to the Sony RX10Risto Hellgren of Finland sent me a message asking whether the Sony RX10 camera is compatible with the Canon-compatible version of the Yongnuo YN-622 transmitter or receiver for triggering flash units remotely. I replied that I didn’t know, because I had never tested those units with the RX10, but I said I doubted there would be any harm in trying the units out with his camera.

I was somewhat surprised and pleased when Risto later wrote me back to say he had gone ahead and run some tests, and found that the Yongnuo units worked well with the RX10 camera for triggering a Yongnuo YN-568EX II Canon-compatible flash unit. In order to make sure I don’t misstate anything that Risto found from his experiments, I am going to include the text of his message here. (He gave me permission to do so).

Here is what he said:

“I have tested now Sony RX-10 with following Yongnuo flash equipment:

– Master:   YN 622 C   (Canon compatible radio tx-rx command link, acts as a tx)

= Test 1

YN 622 TX  (Canon compatible radio tx controller link, tx only)              

= Test 2

– Slave:     YN 622 C   (acts as a rx, attached to the flash via a hot shoe)

– Flash:     YN 568EXII (Canon compitible versatile flash)

I just put a Master unit into RX-10 hot shoe as such, configured master and slave flash group and channel to be the same.

Then basically took images in dim conditions. Then changed master unit from a command link (YN622 C) to real controller (YN622 TX).

To my great suprise everything worked perfectly (both in Test 1 and 2). Especially the YN622 TX as a master is here very good, because with that I can from Sony RX-10 (top of the camera) control remotely many flashes. With full control of three groups (A,B,C), flash duration (amount of light), shape of flash light (zoom). Certainly ETTL will not work, but I don’t miss it much. I have not tested HSS (high speed sync) yet, but I think it will work.

I have bought these Yongnuo units for my Canon DSLR, but they worked out of the box with Sony RX-10 too. Without any adapters or configuration hassle. I never imagined this when looked the physical look of Sony MMI ann Canon hot shoes.

I hope this piece of information is also beneficial for you – if somebody is asking this. I attached a photo to show the basic arrangement.”

The photo Risto included with his message is below. It was really helpful of him to report back with his findings, and I thought they might be useful for other RX10 users.

Sony RX-10 and Yongnuo equipment

Video: Accessories for the Sony DSC-RX100 III Camera

Today I uploaded to YouTube a short video showing several of the accessories available for the Sony DSC-RX100 III camera, including cases, grips, filter adapter, and remote control. I also showed how you can attach the camera to a telescope or spotting scope using the filter adapter and other adapter rings. Here is the video:

Fujifilm Announces New 1.4x Teleconverter for X100 and X100S Cameras

Fujifilm has announced the upcoming release of its 1.4x teleconverter lens for the X100 and X100S cameras, each of which has a fixed lens. This new add-on lens will change the 35mm-equivalent focal length of either camera’s 35mm lens to 50mm. Here is a link to an announcement at  According to the announcement, users will need to upgrade the firmware of the camera in order to use the new lens. Further details, including price, will be released later.

Accessories for the Sony RX100 II Camera

I have just put together a video that demonstrates some of the numerous accessories that are available for the Sony RX100 II camera. The video covers the Sony electronic viewfinder, external microphone, and filter adapter, as well as some other viewfinder options, a battery charger, remote control, and Sony’s external LCD display screen. The video does not discuss flash units, which would be a whole topic in themselves, and it does not show any cases, because there are so many options in that category.

Here is the video, which went on YouTube yesterday:

I discuss all of these accessories, and others, in my new book, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 II, which will be published within the next couple of weeks.