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Miniature Effect Movie with Canon PowerShot S100

The book I’m working on now is Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S100, which I hope to have completed by the end of this year, or sooner if possible. I recently got my S100 and have started experimenting with it. Today I’m going to post a short movie made with the Miniature Effect setting.

This setting, which is available in the Creative Filter shooting mode, blurs the sides or top and bottom of the image so the overall scene takes on the appearance of a tabletop model. With the S100, you can use this effect when shooting a movie; you can also set the camera to speed up the action so it appears 5, 10, or 20 times faster than normal.

I earlier posted a sample of a similar effect using the Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera, which got this capability with its upgrade to firmware version 2.0.  You may notice that I’m using the same scene for the PowerShot S100, because this is the best location that I have found for this type of shot.  The vantage point is high above the ground, with a view of several intersecting streets. This type of scene seems to  give good results, because the cars and trucks zooming around the streets (speeded-up) have the look of little models.

Anyway, even though the book is not done yet, here is a sample movie to illustrate the Miniature Effect with the S100, using the 10X speed-up factor. Click on the link below to view the movie.