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Front cover of Sony HX80 book

Guide Book for Sony HX80 and HX90V Now Available in Paperback

As of today, my newest camera guide book, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-HX80 and HX90V, is available for sale in paperback. At first, it will be available from, followed by other Amazon sites such as, and by and other sites of online booksellers. The book already is available in PDF and ebook formats through this site and elsewhere. For more details, please see the book’s main information page at this site.

Front cover of Nikon Coolpix B700 book

New Guide Book for Nikon Coolpix B700 is Now Available in Paperback

As of today, Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix B700, published recently in ebook versions, is available in a paperback edition. The printed book contains the same text and images as the ebook. It is 8.5 by 11 inches (216 by 280mm) in size, and has 172 pages of text, with more than 350 color illustrations and images. The book sells for $24.95 through and other online sellers in the U.S., and for £19.95 in the U.K. It will soon be available through other Amazon sites in Europe and elsewhere.

For more information and links for purchasing, please visit the book’s main page at this site.

Front cover of Sony RX100 V book

Sony RX100 V Guide Book Now Available in Paperback

As of today, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony RX100 V is available in paperback from,, and The price is $24.95 in the U.S. and £21.95 in the U.K. The printed version is a paperback, 8.5 by 11 inches (216 by 280mm) in size, and 246 pages long. It contains nearly 500 full-color photographs or illustrations that show the camera’s menu screens, physical controls, shooting and playback display screens, and sample photographs taken with the RX100 V. The book covers all features, controls, and menus of the camera, with step-by-step guides, tables, and tips for best ways to use the camera. It also contains a section on accessories and a section with links to further resources. The book has a full index and table of contents.

For more information, including links to the index, table of contents, and an excerpt from the book, please see the book’s main information page at this site.

Note on Availability of Nikon Coolpix P510 Camera Guide Book

For the past couple of days, Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 has been listed as out of stock at This should not happen, because the book is available to Amazon continuously from Lightning Source, the print-on-demand company that prints copies of the book as needed. But this does occasionally happen because of some sort of glitch in the interface between the computers at Amazon and Lightning Source, or some other circumstance having to do with warehouses, etc.

Anyway, as the author and publisher I naturally don’t like to see the book becoming unavailable. I had listed some copies for sale as a third-party seller at Amazon, but I just sold the last one of those earlier today. I have placed an order with Lightning Source for additional copies, but those won’t arrive until the middle of next week at the earliest. So, for now, if you want a copy, the book is available from some other third-party sellers at, and it is also listed as available for quick shipping at the Barnes and Noble online site, Here is a link to the book’s listing at Barnes and Noble.

You can purchase the book here on this site in a downloadable PDF version, and it should be available for Kindle, Nook, and iPad in a few days. The book is currently listed as out of stock at, but that site will let you place an order for delivery after more books become available.

I will post updates on the book’s availability from time to time, or if anyone has specific questions, please send me a message through the Contact page.

Nikon Coolpix P510 Book is Now Available for Sale at

The paperback version of Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 is available as of today at The book first started appearing on in the US one week ago, and now is listed with its own product page at the Amazon site in the UK. As is usually the case, the book was initially listed with its product details but with no copies available for sale. A third-party seller can sell copies, though, so I have listed a few copies there myself, using the White Knight Press seller name. Those copies are listed as “Used,” because, for some reason, Amazon will not let me list them as “New,” even though they are brand-new copies, fresh from the printer. They are selling for £ 19.95, plus shipping. The shipping cost will be the standard cost for shipments by UK-based sellers, even though I am located in the United States. I will ship the book the next business day after receiving an order, and it should arrive in the UK within about a week, if conditions are normal.

If you would like more information about the book, here is a link to its product page at this site. Here is a link to the product page for purchasing the book at

Response to Review of Fujifilm X100 Book at

Today for the first time I noticed that there is a single review of Photographer’s  Guide to the Fujifilm FinePix X100 on the book’s product page at  It’s not a terrible review, and the reviewer makes legitimate points, but I wanted to post this response to some of the statements. (I tried to post a comment at the review page, but I was not able to because I have not purchased anything from  I purchase many things from, but it doesn’t make sense for me to purchase from, since I live in the U.S.)

The reviewer stated that the book works well as a user’s manual, but does not succeed as “an inspirational guide to creating great shots with the camera.”  My response to that point is that my Photographer’s Guide books are intended to be user’s guides.  They go beyond the manufacturers’ manuals and explain not only how controls and features work, but when to use them and how to use them, but I have never pretended to provide inspirational guidance for achieving great shots.  I leave that advice to the many other books with that sort of approach.

The reviewer also stated that many of the images in the book are too small, are “low res,” and are images of  “household items” taken indoors.  It is true that many of the images were taken indoors, though I don’t really consider the objects to be household items.  I used various models, figurines, a Ferris Wheel, and other objects of various colors and shapes to illustrate various points.  There are images that were taken outdoors on pages 47, 60, 68, 95, 137, 145, 156, 157, 166, 223, 231, 232, 233, 234, 239, and 240.

As for the resolution of the images, every image in the book was submitted to the printer at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, which is certainly not considered “low resolution” for printing.  There are limits to how good an image can look in a trade-sized paperback book, but it would not be economically feasible for me to print these books at larger sizes or with glossy paper.

If any purchasers of the book, including the reviewer, would like to see the images at larger sizes, I invite them to contact me at, and I can arrange to get you access to the PDF, Kindle, iBook, or Nook version of the book; in those formats you can view the images at considerably larger sizes.

I also invite any potential purchasers of the book to take a look at the reviews at the product page for the book.

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Book is Now In Stock at

Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm FinePix X100 is now listed as available and In Stock at, meaning it is sold directly by Amazon in the UK, and not just by third-party sellers (like me), as it was previously. This means that the book will ship quite quickly; when I recently looked at the listing, it was saying you could order the book to be delivered within a few days.

Because Amazon is now stocking the book, I have withdrawn my copies from sale in the “New or Used” listings at the UK site.  For more information about the book, here is a link to its page on this site.  To get to the book’s listing at, you can use this link.

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Book is Now Available at

As of today, the paperback version of Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm FinePix X100 is listed for sale at Books such as this take quite a while to get listed there, and it is not listed as being In Stock as of yet. In order to fill the gap until Amazon in the UK has the book available for shipment, I have listed the book there myself as a third-party seller, using my seller ID of White Knight Press. I have a supply of books physically in stock, and I will ship them to the UK, Europe, or anywhere else. I always ship within one business day of receiving an order, and the books typically get to the UK or Europe within about one week. Note that the postage charged to a purchaser is the local amount, as if I were located in the UK, so shipping will be lower than if you were to purchase the book from in the US.