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Note on Availability of Nikon Coolpix P510 Camera Guide Book

For the past couple of days, Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 has been listed as out of stock at This should not happen, because the book is available to Amazon continuously from Lightning Source, the print-on-demand company that prints copies of the book as needed. But this does occasionally happen because of some sort of glitch in the interface between the computers at Amazon and Lightning Source, or some other circumstance having to do with warehouses, etc.

Anyway, as the author and publisher I naturally don’t like to see the book becoming unavailable. I had listed some copies for sale as a third-party seller at Amazon, but I just sold the last one of those earlier today. I have placed an order with Lightning Source for additional copies, but those won’t arrive until the middle of next week at the earliest. So, for now, if you want a copy, the book is available from some other third-party sellers at, and it is also listed as available for quick shipping at the Barnes and Noble online site, Here is a link to the book’s listing at Barnes and Noble.

You can purchase the book here on this site in a downloadable PDF version, and it should be available for Kindle, Nook, and iPad in a few days. The book is currently listed as out of stock at, but that site will let you place an order for delivery after more books become available.

I will post updates on the book’s availability from time to time, or if anyone has specific questions, please send me a message through the Contact page.

Nikon Coolpix P510 Book is Now Available for Sale at

The paperback version of Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 is available as of today at The book first started appearing on in the US one week ago, and now is listed with its own product page at the Amazon site in the UK. As is usually the case, the book was initially listed with its product details but with no copies available for sale. A third-party seller can sell copies, though, so I have listed a few copies there myself, using the White Knight Press seller name. Those copies are listed as “Used,” because, for some reason, Amazon will not let me list them as “New,” even though they are brand-new copies, fresh from the printer. They are selling for £ 19.95, plus shipping. The shipping cost will be the standard cost for shipments by UK-based sellers, even though I am located in the United States. I will ship the book the next business day after receiving an order, and it should arrive in the UK within about a week, if conditions are normal.

If you would like more information about the book, here is a link to its product page at this site. Here is a link to the product page for purchasing the book at

Coolpix P510 Book is Now Listed as In Stock at

Well, that didn’t take long! Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 just started appearing on yesterday, but was listed as not yet available. Now, just one day later, it is showing up as “In Stock” and ready to ship directly from Amazon. I have listed some copies there, which I have physically in stock, so if you want a copy fairly quickly, I will ship one out the next business day after receiving an order. My third-party seller ID is alexstrawhite. Amazon should ship fairly quickly also, and you can take advantage of Amazon Prime shipping if you are a Prime member. Here, again, is a direct link to the book’s product page at Amazon:

Nikon Coolpix P510 Book is Now Listed at

As of today, the paperback edition of Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 is listed as an item that will be available through  That was pretty fast; I just approved the proof copy of the book on July 16, and the data from the printer has gone to Amazon quite quickly.

As of this writing, the book is not yet “In Stock” or even available through Amazon.  That process will take another day or two.  But I will be receiving a small shipment of books from the printer on July 19, and I will list those for sale as soon as they arrive.  They will be listed on the book’s product page at Amazon, but under the third-party seller listings, as New copies.  My seller name for Amazon Marketplace is alexstrawhite.

In the very near future, the books should be available directly from Amazon; they are supplied by Lightning Source, the print-on-demand company that prints them.  Usually what happens is the book will first be listed as  “Temporarily Unavailable,” and then “Usually Ships Within 1-3 Weeks,” or something of that nature.  Then, before too long, the book should be available for quick shipment.

If you would like to visit the book’s product page at, you go can go to Amazon and search for “Coolpix P510” in the “Books” category, or just click on the button below:

Proof Copy of Coolpix P510 Paperback Edition Has Been Approved

Today I received from the printer the proof copy of Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510.  As usual, the printing company, Lightning Source, did an excellent job, and the paperback book looks very good.  Here are a couple of images showing the closed book and then a couple of pages from the interior.


After checking through the pages, I found no problems, and I approved the proof through Lightning Source’s online system.  Now the book will automatically begin to show up as available on within the next few days.  It’s hard to predict exactly when that will happen, but I would estimate the book may start to appear by about July 18 or 19.  At first it may be hard to find unless you enter the book’s ISBN, which is 978-1-937986-05-6; or, in its 10-digit version, 1937986055.  Within a day or so after that, the book should be found readily through a search on a keyword such as “Coolpix P510” in the Books category.

I will post updates here as the book begins to become available at and other sites, such as,, and the like.  The price of the printed book is $28.95.  Of course, the book is also available in a downloadable PDF version from this site for $9.95.  It will be available for Kindle, iPad, and Nook by the end of July.

A Few Coolpix P510 Telephoto, Monochrome, and Panorama Shots

Now that Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 is finished and at the printer, I got out with my P510 to try to get a few more shots to show what the camera can do.  My plans were disrupted by the sudden appearance of a thunderstorm, but I did manage to get in a few shots at a local park with some ducks floating by.  I zoomed the camera’s super telephoto lens to its full extent to try to get the best detail possible.  I was happy with the results, because the images are sharp and reveal the beautiful markings of the birds with good clarity.  Check out the small gallery of images below for these three shots. Click on the Next link to move through the images.

Duck Telephoto 1

Image 1 of 3

During the same outing, I also tried out the Monochrome settings of the Picture Control menu item.  I had been wanting to test the several settings using simulated color filters for monochrome shots.  Today I took four shots of a view at the park using the Monochrome setting, first with no filter, then with the yellow, orange, red, and finally the green filter setting.  Here are the results, in the image gallery below.  Click on the Next link to move through the images.


Image 1 of 5

Finally, I took a panorama in the same location, using the Easy Panorama setting.  Here is that single shot.

I will try again in the future to get some more shots with the Coolpix P510; it’s a great camera with a lot of versatility because of its superzoom lens and its many settings for image control.

Checking Out the Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for the Fujifilm FinePix X100 Camera

Back in May, Fujifilm announced a new accessory lens for its high-end compact camera, the FinePix X100. The WCL-X100 is a an attachment that screws on to the lens of the X100 camera, and converts the focal length of that fixed lens from its original 35mm to a considerably wider 28mm. Here is a link to that announcement at the Fujfilm site. Through that link, you also can get access to the firmware upgrade that is required in order to use the lens properly, and to the instruction manual addendum that explains its use.

A few days ago I got a chance to try out the new add-on lens with my X100 to see how it works and what kinds of results it produces.  First, I installed the upgrade to version 1.30 of the firmware for the X100 camera. To install that upgrade, you need to download a file called FPUPDATE.DAT to your computer and copy it to the root directory of an SD card.  You then need to insert that SD card into the X100 and turn on the camera while holding down the DISPLAY/BACK button.  The camera will then prompt you to complete the upgrade process.  Make sure the camera has a fully-charged battery before starting the upgrade process, and do not interrupt the upgrade while it is in progress; it takes about 90 seconds to complete.

This firmware upgrade adds a new item, Wide Conversion Lens, as the last item on the camera’s Shooting menu. You just need to navigate to that menu item and select On for its setting.

To install the conversion lens itself, you first need to unscrew the front ring from the lens of the X100.  To do this, just grasp it with your fingers and turn it firmly counter-clockwise until it comes off.  Then remove the rear lens cap from the conversion lens and screw it on to the X100’s lens in place of the front ring that you just removed.

The conversion lens is a beautifully made, very attractive piece of equipment that blends in nicely with the appearance of the camera.  It feels very solid, and seems like a natural part of the camera once it is attached.

To use the lens, with the new menu item activated, you probably should use the LCD or the electronic viewfinder to compose your shots, because the optical viewfinder provides only about an 80% view of the scene before the camera when the wide conversion lens is in use.

That is about all of the information you need.  Check out the slideshow of images below to see how the WCL-X100 conversion lens attaches to the camera.  I’ve also included a  pair of images of a small lake and fountain to show the difference between the fields of view of the camera with and without the conversion lens.

The Review of the Fujifilm X10 Has Been Released

The long-awaited review of the Fujifilm X10 camera has been released by, one of the premier photography sites.  This is an extremely detailed review, with considerable technical discussion of the camera’s features, accompanied by numerous sample images and videos.  If you have any interest in the X10, I suggest you pay a visit to that site and check out this very helpful and informative review.

Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 is Now Available in PDF Version

As of July 9, 2012, Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 is available for purchase in a downloadable PDF version for $9.95 through this site.  This book is similar to the guide book to the Coolpix P500, published in 2011, but has been completely revised to cover the new camera model.  The new book is 331 pages long and contains more than 200 photographs or illustrations, most of them in full color.  The book explains the many features, menus, and controls of the P510, and devotes  particular attention to discussing the best techniques for making use of the camera’s phenomenal “superzoom” lens, which zooms from 24mm at the wide-angle position all the way to 1000mm at its longest optical telephoto setting.

Please click on the link in the paragraph above to visit the information page for this book, or click on the copy of the book’s cover at the left.

The paperback edition of the book will be available for sale through and other online sellers by the end of July 2012; check this site for further announcements about availability.