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White Knight Press Now Has Some Sony RX100 Books in Stock

Today I received my first shipment of copies of Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 from the printer.  Some of them went out to the people who provided great assistance in commenting on a draft of the book, and some are on their way to, an excellent online seller of photography books.

The others have been listed for sale at, through Amazon Marketplace.  My seller name there used to be alexstrawhite, based on my name, but I changed it today to White Knight Press, which makes more sense for selling books.

I am listing the books this way because the book is not showing up as “In Stock” at, for technical reasons having to do with their ordering system.  I hope that situation will change, but, until it does, I’m offering the books for sale through this method so buyers can be sure of getting fast shipment.  I always ship a book out the next business day after receiving an order, barring some unusual problem.

You can find my copies at the product page for the RX100 book, which you can get to by clicking the button below:

Sony RX100 Book Is Now Available for Ordering at

As of today, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 has appeared on the site, with a product page from which you can order the paperback version of the book for $24.95.  Currently, Amazon does not have the book physically in stock, but, as orders come in, they will order copies from the printer and ship them as soon as possible.  It’s difficult to say exactly how long it would take for the order to be shipped and received, but I would estimate something within the range of one to two weeks at first.  I hope the shipping time will improve in the near future, because Amazon usually starts to order enough books to have them on hand to fill orders immediately.

In the meantime, I have ordered some copies to be sent to me, and I will list them for sale  as a third-party seller through Amazon Marketplace, where you will see the listings for New and Used copies.  My seller name for Amazon Marketplace used to be alexstrawhite, but I have changed it to White Knight Press.  My books will be arriving on Wednesday, October 31, so I will create my listing by that date.  When I receive an order through Amazon, I will ship the book out the next business day.

To get to the book’s page at Amazon, you can search in the Books category for “Sony RX100,” or you can use the button below, which links directly to the book’s page:


Proof Copy of Sony RX100 Book Has Been Approved

RX100-Proof-Copy-OpenRX100-Proof-Copy-ClosedToday, as scheduled, I received from the printer the proof copy of the paperback edition of the new book, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100.  The proof looks very good, and I have approved it for printing and distribution.  So, within the next few days, the paperback edition should start showing up for sale at, and, later, and other Amazon sites.  I also will be ordering some copies to be sent directly to me from the printer, so I can make them available for sale through Amazon Marketplace and possibly other channels, in case it takes a while for the book to show up as “in stock” at Amazon.

I have posted here a couple of shots of the book, open and closed, taken with my RX100, so you can get an idea of the physical appearance of the book.  It has the same content as the PDF version, which is available for download through this site for $9.95.  The paperback version will sell for $24.95 through Amazon, though it’s possible that Amazon will offer a slight discount; I have no control over their discounting process.

The RX100 book will be available for Kindle, Nook, and iPad also; the conversion of the files for those versions is under way, and those editions should be available by about November 2.  I will post further information as it becomes available.


Paperback Version of Sony RX100 Book is Coming Soon

It’s been almost a week since Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 was published in a downloadable PDF version.  A good number of people have purchased that version, but quite a few others have asked me when the paperback edition will be available for purchase.  Today I received word from the printing company that the proof copy has been generated and is shipping out today; I should receive it on October 26.  If the proof copy looks good, I will approve it the same day, and then the book will gradually start to become available for sale through and other online sellers, including the Amazon sites in other countries.  I also will order some copies to make available myself as a third-party seller at and possibly, in case does not maintain the book with “in stock” status.

So, if you are interested in the paperback version of the RX100 book, it should be available quite soon.  I will post an announcement here as soon as I have more information.  Also, I will be sending an e-mail message to everyone who requested one.

Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 is Now Available in PDF Download Version

Sony RX100 Book CoverWhite Knight Press has released Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 in a PDF version, which can be purchased for $9.95 in U.S. Dollars through this site.  This book, which follows in a line of guide books to advanced compact cameras, covers all features, controls, menus, and functions of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 camera.  The book is intended to be useful to beginning and intermediate photographers as well as more experienced users of the camera who would like to have a comprehensive reference guide to the many options provided with the RX100.

The book is 378 pages long, and contains more than 300 photographs and illustrations, most of them in full color, that show how and why to use the camera’s various controls and options.  The book also covers other topics, including street photography, 3D photography, and macro photography.  The book includes a detailed Table of Contents and Index, both of which contain interactive links in the PDF version.

For more information, please see the book’s product page at this site, where you can download samples from the book and get further information about purchasing it.

Fujifilm X10 Firmware 2.0 Update Has Been Released

Today Fujifilm released update 2.0 to the firmware of the X10 camera. This is a significant upgrade, not just a minor tweaking or adjustment. The new firmware provides two enhancements to the operation of the camera. First, it adds a fourth option to the Advanced shooting mode, called Advanced Filter, which is now the top option on the Shooting menu, above the existing options, Motion Panorama, Pro Focus, and Pro Low-light. The Advanced Filter option provides you with a sub-menu of 11 special settings for creative enhancements to your images: Toy Camera, Miniature, Pop Color, High Key, Dynamic Tone, and six separate versions of the Partial Color option, which lets you take an image that is monochrome except for any object of a certain color. In other words, the resulting image will have just one or a few items in the chosen color, and the rest of the image will be black and white. The color choices are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

The other enhancement provided by the X10 firmware update is to give a new function to the RAW button. With the firmware upgrade, you can no longer assign the RAW button to a function of your choice, or have it control the selection of the RAW format. Instead, the RAW button now will call up a new menu called the Quick menu. With this system, when you press the RAW button, the Quick menu appears on the screen. You navigate through the items by pressing the four direction buttons on the sub-command dial. You then change the value of the highlighted item by turning the command dial or the sub-command dial. The items that can be controlled through the Quick menu are ISO, dynamic range, white balance, noise reduction, image size, image quality, film simulation, highlight tone, shadow tone, color, sharpness, self-timer, autofocus mode, flash mode, and LCD brightness.

I have not had time to test the new features to any large extent yet, but at first glance they look like very useful and well-implemented enhancements to the X10. The updating process is not difficult; just download the update file, called FPUPDATE.DAT, and copy it to the root (top) directory of a newly formatted SD card. Then insert that card, and turn the camera on while pressing the Back button. The camera will prompt you as to whether to continue with the upgrade. If you do, the process will take a few minutes, and then the new firmware should be installed.

To get access to the Fujfilm site with instructions for the updating process, instructions for using the new features, and the firmware file itself, you can go to this link to the firmware upgrade page.