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Sony Releases Update to Firmware Version 1.10 for DSC-RX100 Camera

Sony recently released un updated version of the firmware for the DSC-RX100 camera. According to Sony, the new firmware, Version 1.10, improves the operation of the autofocus mechanism to reduce noise and vibration during focusing. Here is a link to a page where the updated firmware can be downloaded; instructions for installing it are provided there also.

I have not used this update myself, because I no longer have my RX100 camera. It sounds like a worthwhile upgrade, though.

For general information about the RX100, see the guide book available through this site and from other sellers.

Firmware Upgrade 1.10 Released for Fujifilm X100S Camera

Fujifilm has just released a firmware upgrade to Version 1.10 for the X100S camera. This upgrade tweaks several features of the camera, including the live-view histogram, file naming, numbering of continuous shots, use of the AE Lock button, the RAW Conversion function, and the optical viewfinder. I would not say that any of the changes are earth-shaking, though they appear to be worth having. I haven’t yet had time to update my X100S with the new firmware. Once I have done so, I probably will post a brief discussion of how the upgrade went and how the changed features operate. For now, here is a link to the page with the information from Fujifilm about the upgrade.