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Sony Releases Update to Firmware Version 1.10 for DSC-RX100 Camera

Sony recently released un updated version of the firmware for the DSC-RX100 camera. According to Sony, the new firmware, Version 1.10, improves the operation of the autofocus mechanism to reduce noise and vibration during focusing. Here is a link to a page where the updated firmware can be downloaded; instructions for installing it are provided there also.

I have not used this update myself, because I no longer have my RX100 camera. It sounds like a worthwhile upgrade, though.

For general information about the RX100, see the guide book available through this site and from other sellers.

One More Set of Water Drop Shots with the Sony DSC-RX100 Camera

I hope people aren’t starting to think I’m too focused on taking pictures of water drops. I have been posting a good many of those images lately, but this will probably be my last group of them, for a while at least. It took a good deal of effort and adjusting to get the water-drop equipment set up properly and to get the flash and camera working in sync with that equipment. So I wanted to get my photographs done with several different cameras while everything is set up, and then I will move on to something else.

Today I did one more set of photos with the Sony RX100 camera. These shots are not that different from the earlier ones in terms of the shapes that the drops made as they collided with each other, but the lighting was different and I used a different color scheme by placing red and blue sheets of paper behind the water tray. The gallery below shows these shots, which I have tried to arrange in roughly chronological order, showing one pre-collision image first, followed by images of drops in various stages of collision.