Nikon Issues Upgrade to Firmware Version 1.2 for Coolpix P900 Camera

Today I learned that Nikon has released an upgrade to version 1.2 of the firmware for the Coolpix P900 camera. This is not a major upgrade; according to Nikon, it fixes a couple of bugs concerning the ways the optional ML-L3 infrared remote control operates. I never experienced any problems with that remote, but it is probably a good idea to download and install the upgrade, if only to keep your camera’s operating system up to date.

Here is a link to the page with download instructions and the file to be downloaded: I installed the upgrade in just a few minutes, with no problems. Basically, you just have to download a file, copy it to a memory card that has been formatted in the P900, then turn on the camera with the card in it, go to the Firmware Version item on the Setup menu, and follow the instructions to complete the upgrade.

3 thoughts on “Nikon Issues Upgrade to Firmware Version 1.2 for Coolpix P900 Camera

  1. Keith Wills

    I very much enjoyed your book on the P900, a great help. I do need a little advice on filter effects page 77. I have taken 4 shots using each of the colour filters y,o,g and r, but to be honest can not see any difference. Each shot was of the same subject in monochrome. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Alex White Post author

      You probably are doing everything right. It would depend on the subject. With some subjects, the differences among the images taken with the y, o, g, and r filter effect settings will be quite subtle. Try finding a subject that has some quite noticeable shades of the four filter colors and take the four images of that subject. You should then be able to make out some differences among the images, though the differences still may not be as dramatic as you might expect.


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