Note on Availability of Nikon Coolpix P510 Camera Guide Book

For the past couple of days, Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P510 has been listed as out of stock at This should not happen, because the book is available to Amazon continuously from Lightning Source, the print-on-demand company that prints copies of the book as needed. But this does occasionally happen because of some sort of glitch in the interface between the computers at Amazon and Lightning Source, or some other circumstance having to do with warehouses, etc.

Anyway, as the author and publisher I naturally don’t like to see the book becoming unavailable. I had listed some copies for sale as a third-party seller at Amazon, but I just sold the last one of those earlier today. I have placed an order with Lightning Source for additional copies, but those won’t arrive until the middle of next week at the earliest. So, for now, if you want a copy, the book is available from some other third-party sellers at, and it is also listed as available for quick shipping at the Barnes and Noble online site, Here is a link to the book’s listing at Barnes and Noble.

You can purchase the book here on this site in a downloadable PDF version, and it should be available for Kindle, Nook, and iPad in a few days. The book is currently listed as out of stock at, but that site will let you place an order for delivery after more books become available.

I will post updates on the book’s availability from time to time, or if anyone has specific questions, please send me a message through the Contact page.

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