Amazon Can Be Hard to Figure Out at Times

I have been trying my best to make sure the new book about the Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera is available as widely as possible to people who would like to buy it. I have been contacted by some potential buyers who couldn’t find it at a reasonable price in the U.K., and, as I mentioned here recently, I have now signed up as a seller on so I can make the book directly available to purchasers from that site. As of now, I am the only source of this book on the Amazon UK site, but no one has bought a copy yet. I guess they may not like the idea of waiting for the book to be shipped from the US to the UK, though I do ship quickly via First Class Mail International, which should not take much more than a week.  And, I have to ship for the domestic (UK) postage amount, not what it actually costs me to ship to the UK. Oh, well.  Maybe some sales will come eventually.  I think things may pick up when finally starts selling the book directly itself from the print-on-demand system, which is slow getting up to speed.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S. . . .   things are a bit hard to understand here, also. Amazon had the LX5 book listed as “In Stock” for a couple of weeks, but then, as of yesterday, they started listing it as “Temporarily Out of Stock,” advising buyers they can order now and the book will be shipped when it is in stock again.  I don’t understand what causes this sort of situation — the print-on-demand company is supposed to supply Amazon with as many books as it needs whenever it orders them. There must be some sort of glitch or hangup in the mechanism, which hopefully will get sorted out very soon.  Here again, I went ahead and listed the book for sale as a third-party seller on, because I do have some (not many) copies in stock, and will ship them quickly if anyone orders one.

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  1. walksoftly

    Alex, I bought the LX5 book as soon as I saw its availability and have been happy so far. I have a question about the LX5 camera itself. We all know the benefits of a UV, ND, or Polarizing filter. Do you know what Panasonic's thinking was regarding the necessary conversion adapter? If an adapter ring can be skrewed onto the camera…why can't a filter be put on directly? The conversion ring defeats the whole purpose of a compact camera. I just don't get it. Thanks for your thoughts.


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