Availability of Books at Amazon.co.uk is Improving

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, it can take quite a while for my photography guides to start being available on Amazon.co.uk for reasonably quick shipment. The recent books have been listed as available within 1-2 months at times since their release. Today when I checked, though, things have improved. Photographer’s Guide to the Leica D-Lux 5 is now shown as available through overnight shipping, meaning Amazon actually has copies in stock rather than just ordering them to be printed after a customer orders them. The most recent book, Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S95, is now shown as shipping within 1-3 weeks, rather than 1-2 months, as it was before. I’m glad that potential readers in the UK and Europe will now be able to order the books for fairly prompt delivery.

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