Availability of Books on Amazon is Experiencing Problems

As of today, for some unknown reason, two of my current books on compact cameras, Photographer’s Guide to the Panasonic Lumix LX5 and Photograher’s Guide to the Canon Powershot S95, have started showing up on Amazon.com as not being in stock. This is strange, because both books are print-on-demand titles that should be supplied to Amazon constantly by the printing company, Lightning Source. At times, Amazon has a number of the books physically in stock, and at other times, the books can be drop-shipped directly from Lightning Source. Something clearly has gotten out of whack. I hope it’s just a temporary computer or printing glitch, but I have no way to find out immediately. So, as a temporary measure, I’m making both of these books available for direct shipment from me, the publisher.  I have only a few copies of each, but they are brand new copies, and I will ship them the next business day.  Right now, Amazon shows the Lumix LX5 book as available only from third-party sellers, and it shows the Canon S95 book as available direct from Amazon, but shipping within 2-3 weeks, rather than overnight, as it should.

One small advantage to purchasers if you buy the book direct from me is that I always include a free pair of cardboard 3D glasses with each copy, for viewing the 3D image in each book.

So, if you are interested in a paperback copy of either of these books, please don’t hesitate to order, while supplies last!

(Note: A third current book, the guide to the Leica D-Lux 5, was shown as being in stock at Amazon, but with only one copy left.  I imagine it will show limited availability at Amazon once that last copy is gone.)

Stay tuned; I will check on the availability at Amazon often, and will try to post here again when the situation approves, as I hope and expect it will.

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