Availability of Canon PowerShot S95 Books

As I’ve mentioned in numerous posts over the past few months, it can be hard to understand how Amazon.com stocks books.  Recently, the availability of some of my Photographer’s Guide books has improved.  But, for some reason, Amazon in the past few days has stopped listing the book about the Canon PowerShot S95 book as “In Stock,” even though it should always be readily available from the print-on-demand company that prints it.  Lately, the book has been available only through third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, including me, with the seller ID of alexstrawhite.  I had been advising potential buyers that you can purchase the book from me on Amazon and have it shipped very quickly, because I supplied some copies directly to Amazon for the Fulfillment by Amazon program.

Now that advice is no longer helpful, because all the copies I sent to Amazon have sold out.  I have ordered more from the printer, but those won’t be available for a week or more.  In the meantime, I have a few copies I will try to send to Amazon as soon as possible.  Other options are camerabooks.com, who still have a few copies, and Barnes and Noble online at bn.com, who are still listing the book as available for shipping within 24 hours.

Of course, the book is also available for download in PDF format, as well as for Kindle and iPad; please see the book’s information page on this site for further details.

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