Availability of Lumix LX5 Book is Improving; a Good Review on Amazon

Today the book about the Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera was listed as “In Stock” at Amazon.com, and not with the “shipping in 1 to 3 weeks” language — just “In Stock,” though the listing does say the item takes longer than other items to ship. But at least it’s not listed as “Temporarily Unavailable,” as it was for a week or so before now.

Also, at Amazon.co.uk, things have now improved so the book is listed there as “Temporarily Unavailable,” but they are taking orders, which is a considerable improvement over “Unavailable,” with the added language that they had no idea when or if it would ever be in stock!  I have listed some copies on Amazon.co.uk as a third-party seller, but none of them have sold, maybe because Amazon now says it will take orders.

Also, I received a very nice five-star review on the LX5 book today on Amazon.com, which may help get the book selling a bit better.  Sales have been pretty slow so far, partly because of the availability issues, I guess.

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