Availability of Sony DSC-RX100 Book

White Knight Press’s recently published book, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100, has been available for sale in various formats, including paperback, Kindle, ePub, and PDF.  Until a couple of days ago, it was available for immediate shipping directly from Amazon.com. Then, for some unexplained reason, Amazon started showing the book as not in stock and available only from third-party sellers.  I have tried to keep a supply of books available for sale as one of those sellers, but my copies have sold out; I have more coming from the printer within the next few days.

There are still some paperback copies available; camerabooks.com, an excellent seller located in Oregon, has some for sale at the Amazon.com product page for the book, as well as through its own web site.  Also, the Barnes & Noble online site, bn.com, lists the book as being available for shipment within 24 hours.

I have e-mailed Amazon to ask why the book is not listed as being in stock, and I hope to hear back from them soon.  In the meantime, please consider purchasing the paperback version through the third-party sellers at Amazon.com, or from another seller, such as camerabooks.com or bn.com.

Of course, the book is always available in the electronic formats.  For more details, please see the book’s information page at this site.

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