Big Snow Coming

It’s Friday evening. This morning I took about 15 books to the downtown post office and mailed them out. This afternoon I sent out another five. I wanted to ship as many as possible before the huge snowstorm hit. It’s snowing heavily now, and there could be one or two feet of snow on the ground before it ends sometime tomorrow or Sunday. I’ve paused my Google AdWords campaign to try to cut down on orders somewhat. I’m reluctant to cancel the listings on Amazon Marketplace or on the web site, because potential buyers could be discouraged if the book appears to be unavailable; they might conclude that it went out of print.

I’ve already had three new orders that haven’t shipped yet, including one for Norway, for which I have to get to a post office, as opposed to just mailing the book from home or in a collection box. I probably won’t be able to ship it before Monday at the soonest; I’ll e-mail the buyer that there may be a shipping delay.

Still no more news from Lightning Source. When I log into my account, it shows that my proof order is “printing.” I guess that means that it was approved to be printed, or maybe has entered a work flow to be printed, then inspected, bound, etc., before it gets shipped. So it will be next week before I get the proof copy of the book to approve, and then a few more days before the books can be distributed widely.

We have a good number of books printed out, waiting to be bound. No hurry to bind them, because we won’t be able to get them shipped for a few days. Both printers are working well now, thanks to Clenise’s steady work at maintaining them.

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