Canon PowerShot S100 Book is Now Listed at

Yesterday I approved the proof of the paperback version of Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S100, and today, less than 24 hours later, has the book listed for sale.  That is very quick; Amazon seems to keep improving its efficiency in getting these print-on-demand books listed.  The book is not yet shown as “In Stock” at Amazon, but the information at the book’s listing says that you can order the book now, and Amazon will ship it once it becomes available.  Because the printer has the files for printing the book, I imagine that Amazon will fill any orders within about one to two weeks at this point.  Later, if the book starts to sell fairly well, Amazon should keep some copies physically in stock for faster shipment.  Also, I have ordered some copies from the printer, and, once those arrive within a few days, I will list them for sale at through my Amazon Marketplace seller ID of alexstrawhite, unless Amazon by then has the book available for quick shipment.

If you would like to order the book from Amazon for shipment once it becomes available, you can search for “Canon S100” in the “Books” category, or use the button below:


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