Canon S100 Book Proof Copy Has Been Approved

A little while ago I received the proof copy of Photographer’s Guide to the Canon PowerShot S100 from the printer.  The proof, which is just a complete copy of the actual paperback version of the book, looks fine, and I quickly went online to the printer’s  web site and approved the proof.  Now, within a few days, the book should start appearing on for sale, and eventually on the sites of other online sellers as well.  As first, it may appear as “Not In Stock” or “Unavailable,” but in recent months Amazon has done a good job of getting each new book up for sale and listed as available in a fairly short time period.  I will, of course, be posting here to update the status of the book’s availability.

I have ordered some copies from the printer to keep in stock here at White Knight Press, so I can make them available for quick shipment if Amazon does not start making them available in the near future.  I expect I will receive my copies sometime next week.  I have posted above a couple of images of the proof copy, so you can get an idea of what the actual paperback book looks like.

By the way, today I updated the header image for this site from the standard image that came from WordPress to an image from the Canon PowerShot S100 book.  The panorama that you see at the top of each page of this site is a slightly cropped version of an image that appears at page 71 of this book.

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    1. Alex White Post author

      Hi — The paperback version of the book is only available from Amazon. I know that you can order now from and it will be shipped when available, probably about a week. I’m not sure about


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