Guide Book to Sony DSC-RX100 II Now Available for Pre-Order

Today, as expected, I received the proof copy of the paperback version of Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 II from the printer.  The proof looks fine, and so I have approved the book for production.


The book will start showing up with a listing at within the next few days. At first, it will probably be listed as being out of stock or unavailable, then as shipping within 1-3 weeks or something of that sort, and then, maybe within a week or so, as shipping within 24 hours.

For now, in response to some requests from people who wanted to pre-order the paperback version, I have listed the book for sale on eBay on a pre-order basis.  If you purchase a copy there, I will ship it as soon as I receive a shipment of copies from the printer.  I ordered them today, and my copies should arrive here within about a week.  The price of the book is $25.95. This is higher than the price of the RX100 book; the reason for that is that the RX100 II book is considerably longer.  The new book has 455 pages, while the RX100 book has 378.  The printing costs for a full-color book like this are quite high.  It may be that will offer the book at a discount at some point, but I have no control over the price that Amazon charges.

If you would like to see the eBay listing  and consider pre-ordering a copy, please click on this link to the eBay page for the book. To see more information about the book, including its table of contents, index, and an excerpt, please click on this link to the book’s information page at this site.

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