Happy Thanksgiving; Trying Not to get Bogged Down with Book Issues

At first I thought I wouldn’t post anything today, because the kids are home from out of town and we’re having our Thanksgiving dinner and trying to relax. But, a short update is probably in order. I did receive some helpful feedback from a publishers’ group I joined, and I have sent a message to a print-on-demand company to see if they can start producing the book in greater volume than we can with our laser printers. Both of our printers are down now, for lack of toner for both printers, and for one printer, for lack of working. Our cutter’s blade is getting dull, so I ordered a new blade. More toner should be arriving over the weekend, but we really need to get someone else involved in the printing if we’re going to keep up with the orders.

I heard back from a customer who had ordered the book from Barnes and Noble’s web site. I had written him to say I didn’t think they would be able to get him the book, and, sure enough, he replied today, telling me they had cancelled the order and said they couldn’t get him the book. I had suggested he order it instead from camerabooks.com. He said he did so, and was pleased with their service. I thought that was interesting that Barnes & Noble had even listed the book on its site. And I was glad that camerabooks.com got the sale.

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