Keeping Up with Orders

Individual orders have been coming in fairly steadily; I would say the average lately is about five per day. Someone e-mailed me today to say he was having trouble ordering through PayPal on my web site, I suggested he try Amazon Marketplace or eBay. Later he replied, saying he had worked it out by ordering through Barnes & Noble, whose online site says the D-Lux 4 book will be available on November 28. I e-mailed back, saying that’s not a great option, because Barnes & Noble has never requested any books from me, and I have not sent them any books, so it’s unlikely they have any! I hope he ends up getting the book one way or another.

We’ve been printing books pretty steadily lately, with an eye to filling Amazon’s latest order for 32 books, and still keeping up with individual orders. There haven’t been any new reviews on Amazon lately, though I’ve gotten nice feedback from two recent buyers on Amazon Marketplace and eBay.

One area that I haven’t mentioned in a while is the book’s cover. In my opinion, the cover has been one of the more successful aspects of this whole project. For one thing, it has been easy to print, since it’s a single-sided document. Also, I was lucky in choosing what turned out to be a very good coated stock for printing the cover. It looks nice, and holds the printer’s colors very well. The design looks pretty good to me, and that is largely because of the helpful suggestions I received from a person who did not want to be named. That person contacted me through and gave me some very helpful tips about design of the book and cover, but did not want any public acknowledgment.

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