Leica D-Lux 5 Book is In Stock and Ready to Ship through Amazon.co.uk

As I’ve said earlier, it can be difficult to make my print-on-demand books available to potential purchasers in the United Kingdom and Europe. Even though I have signed up with my print-on-demand company, Lightning Source, to distribute the book through Amazon.co.uk, it takes a long time for the book to be listed as “In Stock” there. In the meantime, I have to rely on third-party sellers to sell the book through Amazon.co.uk. As of now, there is (besides me) only one such seller, who is charging a fairly high price. So, I have signed up as a seller myself and am selling the D-Lux 5 book through Amazon.co.uk, as White Knight Press. I now have a good number of books in stock and ready to ship within one business day. The advantage for buyers is that I can only charge the domestic shipping rate, which is 2.80 pounds as of now, even though I am shipping the books from the United States. Of course, the shipments take a while, but so far the books have been taking about a week or less to arrive in the UK. If anyone wants to order a paperback copy of the D-Lux 5 book in the UK, here is the link to the ordering page at Amazon.co.uk. If you want more information about the book, see the D-Lux 5 page on this site.

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