More Lumix LX5 Books for

Today I was glad to get an e-mail message from the owner of ordering more copies of the Panasonic Lumix LX5 book. They are an excellent specialty online seller of camera books of all types, and I’m glad to have them carry my books.

Other than that, not too much news today. The LX5 book seems to be selling a bit more steadily now on in the U.S., since it is now shown as “In Stock.”  In the UK, at, it is still shown as “Temporarily Out of Stock,” but they are taking orders, and there are now a few third-party sellers listing the book at reasonable prices, so sales seem to be picking up there a bit, based on the sales rank.

I made more good progress on the D-Lux 5 book today, though I still have several more days of work to do on it, and I have other projects that need to be done in the same time frame, so I’m still shooting for getting the PDF version ready before the end of December, and the paperback version as soon after that as possible.

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