Nikon Coolpix P520 Book is Now Available in Versions for Kindle and iPad

Coolpix P520 Book Front Cover Small StrokedAs of today, Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P520 is available in downloadable versions for Kindle and iPad devices, in addition to the PDF version that was available previously.  The new versions contain the same information and photographs as the PDF file, but they are formatted to take advantage of the Kindle, iPad, and other devices that use the .mobi or .epub format.  The .mobi file works with all varieties of Kindle readers, and the ePub file works with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,   Barnes and Noble Nook, and other compatible readers.

The three electronic versions of the Coolpix P520 book are available for download through this site; the purchase price is $9.95 for all three versions.  You can download any or all of the files, and use them on any of your own computers, tablets, or phones.

For more information or to purchase the downloadable book files, please visit the Coolpix P520’s main information page at this site.  To purchase the Kindle version, you also can go to and search for the book’s title, or just “Coolpix P520,” in the Kindle Books category.

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