Options for Purchasing Paperback Books

The situation with Amazon.com has not been improving.  The Panasonic Lumix LX5, Leica D-Lux 5, and Canon PowerShot S95 books have not had their normal availability there in recent weeks. The D-Lux 5 book currently is listed as In Stock with 2 copies left, but, once those two copies are sold, I expect the book will again be listed as shipping in 2-3 weeks. From what I can tell by following online discussions, this may be a permanent change in policy by Amazon — evidently they don’t want to keep print-on-demand books like these in stock regularly; they will just order them when enough orders accumulate so they can ship all of the orders out within 2-3 weeks. Of course, as I have found through my own test, it is likely that a book will actually arrive within about one week.

But, if you prefer to get one of these books with a quicker shipping time, the options for now are to purchase through a third-party seller at Amazon (such as me, with the seller name of alexstrawhite), or purchase from a seller such as barnesandnoble.com (bn.com), which ships these books within 24 hours (again, confirmed by my own test order about a week ago).

There also are other sellers who carry the books — you can go to bookfinder.com and search for the book’s title to get a complete list. Some other options are booksamillion.com, powells.com, buy.com,  and camerabooks.com. I just searched that site, and found 11 sellers for new copies of the PowerShot S95 book and 33 sellers for “used” copies. (I believe the “used” ones often are really new.)

I do want people to be able to get copies of my books when they want them, so, if you are having difficulty finding a seller who can get you the book quickly enough, send me a message at contact@whiteknightpress.com; I may be able to ship a book to you quickly from my own inventory if that would help. If that becomes a regular practice, I might start selling the books regularly from this site using PayPal.

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