Order Rolling In

Of course, I would prefer to title this post “Orders Rolling In,” but I need to put accuracy first. Today I received one more order through PayPal. I never heard back from the gentleman who placed the first order, despite my e-mailing him twice. So I have now refunded his payment through PayPal. I may be hearing an indignant cry of, “Why did you refund that money, and where’s my book?” I’ll await further developments on that order.

Meanwhile, Clenise and I are cranking out books at a better rate than before. She has just about mastered the art of binding with our hot-melt glue machine. She bound four new books tonight, and we trimmed four others from last night. Soon we’ll have an inventory of about eight books. I need to send two of them off to the Library of Congress to register the copyright, and I’ll keep the others on hand in case I can get Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders to take some for their online operations. I doubt I can get any into stores, so I probably won’t make that effort, at least for now.

The shrink-wrapped books are starting to look pretty good. Here’s a photo I just took (with the D-Lux 4 camera, of course), showing a stack of books after shrink-wrapping and another stack waiting to be shrink-wrapped. The heat gun and sealer are shown also.

There’s still a lot to do. I need to work on copyright registration, getting books handled by Amazon, etc., and contact various camera-oriented web sites about promotion. That’s just a start. But the project is working out better than I imagined as of now, because I think we have managed to solve the toughest technical problems — mainly printing the books in full color and on both sides of the paper, printing the covers, and binding the books.

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