Panasonic Lumix LX5 Book is Starting to Become Available on

As I said in my last post, has a gradual process for making a new book available for ordering, at least for a book like Photographer’s Guide to the Panasonic Lumix LX5, which is printed by a print-on-demand publisher, and gets added automatically to Amazon’s database once the printer has it set up for printing. I have been checking on Amazon periodically. As I mentioned yesterday, as of right now you can’t find the book on Amazon’s site by doing a standard search by title or even by the book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number). But, there is a page in Amazon’s site that lists the book. As of this morning, that page says the book is in stock and available for shipping by Amazon. I placed an order for the book in my shopping cart on Amazon, and it looked like a regular order (naturally, I didn’t go all the way through to pay for it).

So, if you want to order the paperback edition of the new Lumix LX5 book from, here is the page with the ordering link: You can place an order there now, and Amazon should get the book shipped out fairly soon, though it’s not clear right now how quickly they will ship it; it may take several days or even a week before the ordering machinery is fully aware that this book is ready to be printed and shipped.  But, once the order is placed, you should definitely be getting the book in a fairly short time. Starting in a week or two, the book should be available for Amazon Prime shipping, with two-day or one-day shipping times for Amazon Prime members.

I haven’t updated the web site with the ordering information yet, because the book can’t be found on Amazon through a normal search.  Once the book is easier to find on Amazon’s site, I will update my own web site’s ordering page to give a link to Amazon for purchasing the book.

Also, the book should start becoming available on other online sites fairly soon, such as,,, and others.  It also should start showing up on Amazon’s sites in other locations, such as,, etc.

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