Paperback Proof Copy of Sony RX100 III Book Has Been Approved

Today I received from the printer the proof copy of the paperback version of Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 III. The proof looked very good, so I approved it for production. This means that the book will automatically be added to the catalog of books available through and other online sellers, including Amazon sites in other countries and sellers such as Barnes & Noble ( and others.

With this book, I took advantage of a new option offered by the printer and had the book printed on heavier (70-pound) paper, to get better quality for the reproduction of the photographs. With this thicker paper, the photographs and screenshots do reproduce with more clarity and crispness than in the past, though the use of this paper, along with the length of the book, has made the paperback quite hefty. Here are a few images showing the proof copy:

Front View of Sony RX100 III Proof Copy

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It will take a few days for the book to appear as available at and elsewhere. I will post updates as the book’s availability status changes.

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