Photography Show in UK Postponed Because of Coronavirus

Earlier, I posted a notice about the big photography show to be held in Birmingham, England, on March 14-17, 2020, where my camera guide books were to be on display and available for purchase. I have just learned that the show now has been postponed to a later time in 2020, date not yet announced, because of concerns about the spreading coronavirus infection.

That’s disappointing news, but undoubtedly a wise move to protect public safety and minimize further spread of the virus. If I hear of a definite date for the show to take place, I will post the notice here.

Meanwhile, here is the link to the official site for the show:

1 thought on “Photography Show in UK Postponed Because of Coronavirus

  1. Elina Gomez

    This is not good news for photographer to posponed big photography show. But we are helpless. Now this pandemic we should be more sincere and also maintain social distance. If we come round this pandemic. I think we have big opportunity for future.


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