Presses Are Still Rolling

This will have to be short because time is short, but I don’t like to miss posting for a day if I can help it. I’m in the process of getting the book set to be printed by Lightning Source in color. The good news on that front is it looks like they can print it for a reasonable amount, unless I’ve read their pricing schedule wrong. The bad news is it looks as if it may take a couple of weeks to get that process finished, but I hope to get the files uploaded to them within a day or two.

The orders keep rolling in, though I’ve paused the Google AdWords campaign in an effort to slow the orders down; we’ve run out of cover stock, and a new supply won’t arrive for another day or two. We also need more toner. Clenise has had success in refilling cartridges from bottles of toner, so we’ll try that method at least twice more.

Orders have come in from several new countries over the last few days — Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Also other orders from France, Spain, the Netherlands, and others. Quite a few from the UK and Canada. I wish I knew how people are finding out about the book; I wonder if some announcement reached Scandinavia recently.

Well, that’s it for now; have to reload paper in the printer.

1 thought on “Presses Are Still Rolling

  1. Inks Correspondent

    I wonder how many publishers are in a position to complain that they're being too successful!

    If you'd like to find out how the book's being found, you could always Google yourself? It'll tell you where the news has been picked up etc.

    Heh, good luck refilling the cartridges. That's a messy process at the best of times.


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