Proof Copy of Lumix LX5 Book Arrived and Has Been Approved

This is a photograph (taken with my Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera) of the proof copy of the new book about the LX5, as it arrived today via UPS. The photo also shows the standard card that came from Lightning Source advising the publisher (me, in this case) to check the copy over for things like correct pagination, typos, positioning of the elements on the pages, correct ISBN, etc., before approving it. Everything looked very good to Clenise and me, so I went online earlier this evening and approved it with Lightning Source. It will take a few days, but soon the book will automatically start to show up as available for sale on and other sites. In the meantime, there’s plenty of other things to do. I will order some copies from Lightning Source so I can send them out to reviewers and the people who helped me by commenting on the book, and I may ship some to one or more bookstores that may order them from me. I also need to plan some amount of marketing and publicity activity, so people who may be interested in the book will know it exists! So, the book production phase ends for now, and the marketing phase will take over for a while.

Before too long, though, I plan to do another version of this book that is oriented to the Leica D-Lux 5, the new model from Leica that is essentially the same as this Panasonic camera, except for some cosmetic changes and different software, among other things.

1 thought on “Proof Copy of Lumix LX5 Book Arrived and Has Been Approved

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Alex. The following question crossed my mind:
    do you have to seek permission from Panasonic prior to publishing a book about their product? Or any company in general.

    And a second related question. I assume your book is either neutral (descriptive) or is generally favorable to the product. What if one were to write rather unfavorably about a product?


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