Proof Copy of Sony RX100 Book Has Been Approved

RX100-Proof-Copy-OpenRX100-Proof-Copy-ClosedToday, as scheduled, I received from the printer the proof copy of the paperback edition of the new book, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100.  The proof looks very good, and I have approved it for printing and distribution.  So, within the next few days, the paperback edition should start showing up for sale at, and, later, and other Amazon sites.  I also will be ordering some copies to be sent directly to me from the printer, so I can make them available for sale through Amazon Marketplace and possibly other channels, in case it takes a while for the book to show up as “in stock” at Amazon.

I have posted here a couple of shots of the book, open and closed, taken with my RX100, so you can get an idea of the physical appearance of the book.  It has the same content as the PDF version, which is available for download through this site for $9.95.  The paperback version will sell for $24.95 through Amazon, though it’s possible that Amazon will offer a slight discount; I have no control over their discounting process.

The RX100 book will be available for Kindle, Nook, and iPad also; the conversion of the files for those versions is under way, and those editions should be available by about November 2.  I will post further information as it becomes available.


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