Proof Has Been Printed for Fujifilm FinePix X100 Book

As I mentioned a few days ago, on Sunday, November 6, I submitted the final files to Lightning Source (LSI), the company that will be printing the paperback copies of Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm FinePix X100. Today I learned that LSI has approved the cover and interior files for printing based on their technical inspection, and they have gone on to print a proof copy of the book. I hope that the proof copy will ship out to me overnight within a day or two, and if it looks okay, I will approve it quickly.

After that, the book should start to show up as available at within a few more days. It will take longer to appear at and other international sites. I also expect to have some copies here at White Knight Press to make available through Amazon Marketplace or other channels.

So, if anyone will be wanting a paperback copy of this book in the near future, I expect that the books will be available soon.  If anyone will need one before it becomes available on Amazon, you can let me know with an e-mail to and I will order enough copies to be able to provide them directly to those who want them. The cost for purchases direct from White Knight Press would be $24.95 U.S. Dollars, with free shipping in the United States; $31.95 for international orders, including shipping. Payment would be through PayPal.

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