Replying to Comments; Situation on Amazon

I’m not sure if there’ a better way to reply to comments; if there is, someone please let me know. Anyway, I do appreciate all the comments I have received so far.

In response to K2, I’m glad you’re interested in the Leica D-Lux 5 book.  I’m trying to work on it when I can, between other projects. As you saw from yesterday’s pictures, I am making some progress, and I’m encouraged by your comment, so I’ll press forward as soon as I can.

In response to Esa, I feel badly that is quoting such a long time to get the book.  I don’t think it should take that long, but the process of getting a new book distributed takes a while to settle down. I don’t know if you would want to order from instead and cancel the other order; the UK site now has a third-party seller who is selling the book for a reasonable price, and will deliver within a week or so, at least within the UK.  The book has actually started selling in the UK, and on also; you can tell it has some sales because it now has a sales rank on both of those sites.

Speaking of Amazon, I’m still wondering why Amazon in the U.S. has not activated the “Search-Inside-the-Book” feature, for which I submitted the files more than a week ago.  Hopefully that will happen soon, but I have not heard back from them since I e-mailed to ask them if there is a problem.

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