Sales Are Picking Up a Bit

Today there was a pretty good flurry of sales of the PDF version of the book on the Panasonic Lumix LX5, and still one or two sales of the PDF version of the book about the Lumix LX3. It’s always interesting to me to see what countries the buyers are from — today there were sales to buyers in Finland, Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Norway, as well as various United States buyers.

As for the paperback version of the LX5 book, the only way I can gauge its sales on a daily basis is by checking its sales rank on Amazon. Today it was doing fairly well, but I’m still hoping for Amazon to take several steps, including activating the Search Inside the Book feature, making the book available for overnight shipment, and discounting it somewhat. Also, it would be nice if Amazon in the UK, Canada, and Europe would start selling the book directly in a timely manner, rather than leaving it to third-party sellers, some of  whom charge incredible prices.

On, I should point out that there is one third-party seller who lists the book in the “Used” category, but if you look at the actual description, the seller states that the book is brand new, print-on-demand, which of course is accurate — I strongly doubt that there are any actual used copies out there yet.  So, if you want to buy one in the UK, you can get one from this seller in a reasonable time at a reasonable price.  On the German site,, the book has a sales rank, indicating it has sold some copies, but it’s still listed as shipping in 5 to 7 weeks, which is too bad.  So, I continue to wait for things to accelerate a bit more, but overall, I’m pleased that the book is getting noticed to some extent.

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