Shutter Speed Examples with the Panasonic Lumix LX5

A few days ago I posted some photos illustrating the First-Curtain and Second-Curtain flash settings with the Lumix LX5, using a model car with headlights that I was using to do similar illustrations for another camera. This time, I’m going to post a few examples of the effects of different shutter speeds, when other factors are basically the same, again with the LX5. Here again, I’m using a new item I got for the other camera book — this time, a K’Nex model of a Ferris Wheel, with colored lights that flash in the interior part of the wheel.  All of these shots were taken with the LX5 secured solidly on a tripod, set to Shutter Priority mode.  The first shot was taken at 1/500 second:


This next shot was taken at 1/30 second:


Here is one taken at 1/5 second:


Finally, here is a shot taken with a shutter speed of 8 full seconds, the longest exposure possible in Shutter Priority mode.  For this one, as you can see, I turned out all lights in the room so the flashing lights in the interior of the wheel could make their circular trails while the wheel turned:

I don’t have any particular point to make with these photos; I just kind of like the Ferris Wheel, and wanted to illustrate the way the trails of light show up at a long shutter speed, along with a few examples of what the wheel looks like at faster shutter speeds.

2 thoughts on “Shutter Speed Examples with the Panasonic Lumix LX5

  1. Thina

    Advice please. Im considering purchasing lx5. In terms of shutter speed. Can it shoot burst of images for action and sports or is it a just a point and shoot camera?

    1. Alex White Post author

      Hi — The LX5 has a Burst mode that lets it shoot limited sequences of rapid shots, and it also has a Sports scene mode, with which it tries to use a fast shutter speed. It certainly will not match a DSLR camera in terms of speed for action shots, but it is quite reasonably capable in this area. It’s really a fine all-around camera for action and other shots.


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