Sony Announces DSC-RX100 III Camera with Pop-up Electronic Viewfinder

Sony has just announced the DSC-RX100 III, another upgrade to the original RX100, following up on the RX100 II. This time, Sony has concentrated on improving the image quality and built-in features for ease of use. For example, the new camera includes a lens with a wider aperture at the full zoom range, enhanced video capability, and, probably most prominent, a pop-up electronic viewfinder. There is an excellent introduction to the new model at

Although plans are not definite, at this point I expect to be producing a White Knight Press guide book for this camera this summer.

4 thoughts on “Sony Announces DSC-RX100 III Camera with Pop-up Electronic Viewfinder

  1. Erick Cremer

    Right on Mr. White. I am pre-ordering this camera on the recommendation of a good friend. He recommended your guide highly.
    thanks and looking forward to seeing your guide to the Sony DSC RX 100 III this summer.

  2. Geoffrey Plain

    Alex please hurry on the RX100m3 guide. Any ballpark idea when it will be ready? I hope not Sept


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