Sony RX100 Book is Back in Stock at

For the past several days, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 was listed as unavailable at except through third-party sellers. As I noted a few days ago, there’s no logical explanation for this sort of issue, because the book should be continuously available from the print-on-demand printing company. Anyway, the situation has resolved itself, and the book can again be ordered directly from Amazon, so purchasers can take advantage of Amazon Prime shipping.  The book is being offered at a small discount, with a price of $23.30.

If you would like to visit the book’s product page at Amazon, clicking on the button below will take you there:

If you would like to purchase the electronic versions of the book (PDF, Kindle, and ePub), you can get more information at the book’s main information page on this site.

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